Hello World

Nice to meet you.

I’m Mary. Guess who I’m marrying? (His name is Mike.)(I know…you couldn’t guess, right?)

I like blogging, so I thought I’d probably like blogging about this too.

You know how people have always dreamed about their wedding? They know just the dress they want, and where it will be, and they’ve had a Pinterest board (or three) dedicated to “Someday”?

I’m not that girl. I’ve never even seen “Say Yes to the Dress” (my sister says she’s got it covered though).

In the past three days, my father has clearly put more thought into my potential wedding plans than I have.

But we’ll be fine. I’m pretty crafty, I’m a good planner, and I’ve got some pretty awesome friends who will be great resources. Also, I’m totally headed to the library later today. I’ll make it work. Get ready to come along if you want.

Oh, and hi Mom.

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