Making the Guest List Round 1: Getting it all Out There

Or: Do I even know anyone who isn’t on Facebook?

After my initial muddle through how on earth do I get this party started?! I settled on a guest list. Partially because then you can use that to set a budget.

And realistically I am totally capable of figuring out who I know.

Where to get married? How much it should cost? Pfft–no clue.

Who are my friends? Got it.

I looked for a template, but what I needed to start with was just a list that I could make decisions with. I’m sure there is great stuff out there to put in addresses and meal preferences and whether they’ve replied and all that. All I needed though was a way to list everyone who might get invited, categorize them by group (Family, Church, Work, Friend) and then start deciding. I kicked it off with my family, which is almost 50 people (?!?) and then moved to friends. I started with the people I can’t imagine getting married without, like my best friend since high school or my college sorority sister. Then I quit.

It’s hard work!

I also was spending forever wondering who I was forgetting–so I switched to Facebook. I looked through my list of Facebook friends and added a few more to the list. I was pretty sure anyone I would invite who isn’t a relative would be on there (hey, my grandpa’s even on there!)  but I moved on to my phone just in case. The phone only added 3 people to my list, and my list is everyone I may/could/possibly invite, so it probably wasn’t a necessary step.

That total? 114. Totally manageable. Especially since I a) won’t be inviting all of those people and b) all of them won’t come anyhow. Oh, and 10 of those people I wrote +1 next to, because Lucky feels really strongly about it.

Then I called both of my parents, asking them who they wanted to add and then giving them a deadline (two weeks) for additional people. I don’t need to stick to that, and I actually put in a dummy couple for each of them (my parents are divorced) as a placeholder so there were no surprises.

I felt pretty good about the total, as well as confident that I hadn’t missed anyone. Last night I talked to my best friend, who I’ve known since high school. He was borrowing his mom’s car and….STOP. I forgot my best friend’s mom. She really wants to come, and I would love for her to be there. I’ve been on vacation with their family. So I added her, and two more placeholders, for anyone else I forgot.

What’s next? Coming up with some guidelines and deciding who we’re inviting. Let the games begin!


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