Venue Visits: Making Calls

After we narrowed down the inital mega list, it was on to actual calls.

We ended up with a dozen contenders, and filled in everything we knew about them on a spreadsheet. Anything we didn’t know we left blank.

For me, seeing everything in one place was really helpful. For instance, there is no way we are having our reception at Chicago Cultural Center which has a $10000 rental fee. For the room. Only. Delete.

It also let me know what fields I was missing, so I could add them in to find out about other locations. From there, we called the majority of those places (as a teacher, phone calls are tough, so Mike made most of the calls). I also went through yelp and other reviews to catch some extra info. One place we looked at has only two bathrooms–a couple said they just rented some nice port-a-johns and it was fine, but….no. My mother (who is not picky at all) was like, “absolutely not.”

Here’s the sheet I used for our research, with the first column filled in as an example.

How many places did you contact?


4 thoughts on “Venue Visits: Making Calls

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