Behind Door One: The Allerton Hotel

After extensive research, many lists of pros and cons, we narrowed it down to just three choices.


The Allerton Hotel

The Allerton is four blocks South of the church, an easy walk down Michigan Ave. The Tip Top Tap Ballroom is the west side of the 23rd floor, overlooking Michigan Ave, with great views of the city. See those towers in the picture? The closest one is where the head table goes.

Navy Linens Room Shot

The Pros:

  • Gorgeous space in a historic building
  • Amazing skyline views
  • All-inclusive package makes planning easy
  • Cost is comparable to/lower than other choices
  • They even include lounge furniture around the perimeter of the dance floor

Navy Blue Linens


The Cons:

  • The layout is a little awkward. The ballroom spans two of the towers and the space in between–while the ceilings are full height in the towers, the space between the ceiling drops. That also means the dance floor is in the North tower and has only one open side
  • There is no access to outdoor space
  • Entry to the hotel is through the “motor lobby” on the first floor (the full lobby is on 2) and then…
  • The elevators are small (they are new, but original 1920’s size)
  • There are lots of red accents, including the carpet. Unfortunately I don’t like red.

The space overall has an art deco feel. Our wedding would be black and white with pops of a primary accent color (a blue or apple green most likely) and hits of red to tie in with the existing decor. Maybe something like the inspiration board below, although without the outdoors aspect.

mele verdi e nero

What do you think? Would you have your wedding at the Allerton Hotel?


2 thoughts on “Behind Door One: The Allerton Hotel

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