Behind Door Two: The Murphy Auditorium

Next up, we go one more block south and a block west from the Allerton Hotel to the Murphy Auditorium.

The Murphy Auditorium is owned by the American College of Surgeons and is a very classic, elegant event space.


The Pros:

  • Very unique
  • Beautiful entry stairwell, where guests could also spend time during cocktail hour
  • Easy entrance to the venue
  • Excellent layout
  • No minimum to meet


The Cons:

  • There are no windows
  • It looks a little church-like
  • Cocktail hour would be in the lobby, which is 13 feet wide.

It’s a very classic event space that would work well with any color scheme. I would probably choose shades of green with some navy blue (because the free chairs are navy blue and I’m most likely too cheap to pay for fancychairs) (And I like navy blue fine).


2 thoughts on “Behind Door Two: The Murphy Auditorium

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