Decisions, Decisions

This whole process is just so overwhelming sometimes. We went and saw a billion more venues, I’ve called a ton of caterers, our mother’s finally met each other–its been an eventful month. Mixed in that, I also had finals and the end of another school year to wrap up–but its summer now and I’m excited to check a lot off my list in my new free time!

To recap: I was not having (any) fun. It was stressful and difficult and I hate feeling totally unprepared. Vision? Theme? What the heck IS all this?! It seemed like everyone but me had their wedding planned since they were 12 and knew exactly the overall look they wanted. I just want to get married. I came up with a few options for what our wedding could look like and we went and saw a bunch more places. Oh, also, I took a chill pill and tried to calm the heck down–and work calmed down a little too.

Columbus Park

We had it down to a short list–Allerton Hotel, Murphy Auditorium, Columbus Park Refectory, Cafe Brauer and Mystery Final Winner (not its real name and a surprise contender that gets a story all its own).


Now what?


Um, a spreadsheet obviously.

This was based on a spreadsheet I found, but we refined it and changed up some options to fit what we needed a little better.

We started together, adding to and changing the list of factors to rate based on, and then the weight of each rating. You can always change these later, but we wanted to be looking at the same rating categories to start. (Type only in white cells on this sheet; the peach have formulas.)

Then we each opened it up on our own computers (I made a copy) and filled out the whole thing alone. Mike recommends hiding the final tally so you don’t try to throw the ratings for your favorite!

When we were both finished, we compared. It was really helpful for us to look at what we actually cared about instead of vague stuff about what a “nice wedding” would look like, so we weren’t overemphasizing something that doesn’t matter much to either of us. And then finally we unhid the final rows and talked about what we saw–and found our mystery surprise winner!

How did you choose a venue? Did you find it to be as difficult and traumatic as I did?

Still looking for a venue? Try this sheet first! (And if you’re from Chicago too, check out my ridiculous list of venues.)


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