How to Stalk a Venue

In all of our spreadsheets and lists and surveys and more spreadsheets, we also did plenty of internet searches.

Although these were mostly helpful things to do, we initially weren’t even going to look at our venue because the online pictures were so terrible.


(This is one of the better pictures, sadly).

My standard method was to google Venue Name Chicago Wedding. Since we did a lot of this over Facetime, that’s what I would tell Mike to put in as well. Usually the first several hits would include some photography or wedding blogs, and we would check those out.

But photos only show so much and often (rightly) focus more on the people than the space. When I was wondering how dances would work at the Allerton Hotel–I was worried our short mothers would not see the first dance at all because of an awkward layout–he went to video. Of COURSE. If you find a wedding video, they are likely to pan the space at least once, and you can see how some key moments might play out in the space, like the first dance, toasts or exit. So, when you google, go to video and check out what you can find!

Oh, and our venue?


I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow!

What are your best tricks for researching venues?


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