Schools Out for Summer!

And it has been for awhile (although not nearly as long as you think–my first day off was June 26!).

As a teacher, I want to do as much of our wedding planning as possible in the summer. It’s a low stress time, I can make (and receive!) phone calls and I have time to research/meet with prospective vendors. Perfect!

The tricky was figuring out what I CAN do in advance, and what should probably wait. I ran through my handy budget spreadsheet to get a good idea of what my major categories were, and divided them into categories. I realize there is more to do for all of these, including the ones I’m calling DONE, but the major pieces are in place, which is what I cared about. Otherwise, well, nothing is ever truly done!

DONE (or close enough to it):

  • Apparel: My dress is chosen, and I don’t think shoes are such a big issue I need to get a jump on it. What the boys will wear can also wait, although suit v. tux might be a good conversation to have if we’re looking to make decisions.
  • Reception: Venue is booked, and we probably have a caterer chosen too.


  • Music: Research and choose a DJ
  • Decorations & Flowers: Research florists and come up with a very vague overall idea of the decor (all floral? A mix? General look?). This sounds fun–looking forward to it!
  • Photography: I would really like to have this out of the way before August 21, when I go back to work. I’m making progress!
  • Printing: I’m excited to play with paper ideas, and I want an idea of what I would do (and what I would need to hire out) to determine if it makes sense to buy our invites or make them–I hope to make them, and have a lot of people ready to help, as well as a designer friend.
  • Transportation: Mike wants a white stretch Hummer limo. I know. I think trolleys are cuter…but we might as well find out what it will cost.


  • Gifts: I’ll start looking out for stuff now, but no need to get crazy
  • Ceremony: We can start a list of hymns and passages and things we like, but this can wait.

My real must-dos are the photographer and music; the rest are more in the let’s-gather-ideas-while-I-actually-have-free-time. I’m much more excited for all the little detail things than booking the big picture stuff, so I can’t wait to get all the major contracts signed and out of the way.

What did you do first? Am I missing any major pieces?


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