After I had booked the church, the reception and the photographer, I started getting down to details. That included flowers and specifically, centerpieces.


Image via Belle Magazine (which bills itself as being for the sophisticated bride, which probably means it is not for me)

What kind of centerpieces do I want? Where else do I need decorations? How much do flowers cost? How much do NOT flowers cost? Why does everything I pin involve hydrangeas?

Who knows? Not this girl.


Image via Hive member HappilyEverAfter54, found in this thread

This was a really reasonable option that someone put together themselves–the flowers here are fake, and the supplies are all from Michael’s. I like it, although since our reception is in an old mansion, the ceilings aren’t super high (not short at all, but not ballroom either). So high might not be the best choice for us.


Image via Topic Bistro (again with a solid number of other ideas in the same link)

Something heavy on candles with a little bit of floral mixed in would also be pretty reasonable. Except our reception is on the longest day of the year, which means it doesn’t get dark til 9 pm and our dinner will therefore be entirely in daylight. Oh.


What about baby’s breath?


Image via Mrs. Lyre on Weddingbee

I think part of the pretty/drama of baby’s breath is having it raised up a little higher, and I’m still not that sure high is a good way to go. Plus, Shamrock wasn’t a fan. So, not that. Next. Oh look, something else Shamrock isn’t a fan of (I think its…fine, although my mom and sister liked it).


Image via Pinterest

So not submerged flowers either. How about some things that might actually work?


Image via Pinterest

This is a nice, simple option, or even something super simple with just hydrangeas.


Image via Pinterest

Or go a little more complicated and add some stuff to the hydrangeas?


Image via Perfect Wedding Collections

Oh, and the apples. Apples are fun, and this centerpiece is pretty close to the colors I like (although I think without the darker flowers). Or even make the apples a bigger part?


Image via Project Wedding (part of a forum full of great non-floral centerpiece ideas)

Actually, that looks pretty complicated. And maybe a little random. I think I like the apples separated from the flowers. Or even to be used as a separate element, for smaller things like cocktail tables outside.


Image via Pinterest

But, you know, with green apples. Because peaches would be pretty random in my case. And one more little thing. This one is from the benefit I helped with back in February (you can read more about it here, if you’re interested–I was on the decor committee). I want to have more than one type of centerpiece, but I want to tie them together with a common element; one I also plan on using on my paper products. I’ll tell you more about it later, but here’s how it will look:


Image via Ocken Photography

See those gold stars underneath the three vases? This was a “medium” centerpiece. And they showed up again in the other two styles as well.

So that’s where I’m at, I think. Now to figure out how much that will cost me. And what other decor I’ll need.


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