Instant Invites or DIY?

I started planning for our invitations a year out, over my summer break.

The big question? DIY or not.

Background: I make all my own cards for everything else. I have basic supplies already (like a trimmer and cutting mat) so I would only need the supplies to actually make the invites.


Personal photo

A version of last Christmas’ thank you cards.


Personal photo

One of my favorite cards ever, from leftovers from my Birthday Art.


Personal photo

Shower invites for BM Mathlete’s Baby shower (this was a reject; its a little wonky)

My designs are heavy on paper, texture and embellishment, and I do my own lettering, but never more than a couple of words. A big concern is that wedding invites are much heavier on text than other stuff, and I’m not lettering 90 invites by hand (and although my lettering is cute and I’m improving, its not THAT good.) I definitely don’t have the computer skills (or even software) to do it myself. BUT.

I also have a close friend B who is a designer. He made the invitations to his wedding (to BM Mathlete) and has done many others. He offered to help already, so my technical weakness is taken care of.

There are also plenty of cute print-your-own options out there, like these cute cards from Paper Source:


Clearly, I have a thing for embossing.

Or if its too much, or not worth it, some nice options I found online.


Dappled Glade, by Wedding Paper Divas


Fling, on

The downside? Average cost is about $5/invite. Sales are an option, as is doing part of it myself, but then we’re back at DIY.

I think it would cheaper for me to do it myself, but I’ve also read (a lot of places) that people feel like they didn’t end up saving any money at all (although they loved their invitations!)  so I’m not sure what the right choice is. It’s hard to get a realistic cost idea, and also hard to determine how much the labor involved in design and implementation would be.

Did you make your invitations or buy? Any advice?


3 thoughts on “Instant Invites or DIY?

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