What’s in a name?

(This post is totally not what you think.)

There’s a happy coincidence at work here, and I want to take advantage of it if I can.

We’re getting married here. (Image via Flickr)


And then our reception will be here. (Image via Cheney Mansion)


Can’t see the coincidence? No? Not surprised.

Here’s a little help:



Image via The Fedora Lounge

I know its still tough to see, but there’s a shape repeated in the vertical fence posts and again in that lower horizontal.

And that same shape is in the four corners of the brace holding up the light at the church.

I’m not sure that its repeated much at the mansion (although if you click on the link, they do use it as the background for their menu bar as well as their symbol in the url bar). But in the church…

We just built a new building for church programming in back of our building, and this is the symbol they chose to use.

It’s etched into the glass of the dining room and the welcome areas on the upper floors. Its printed on the wall in the lounges. Its all over. And while I know our guests are pretty unlikely to explore the children’s floor of the church building, its pretty cool that its there, in both places.

If only I could find it.

As I mentioned before, I make my own cards, and I really like the look of embossing. Text isn’t my strong suit, and I’ll be working with my friend Designer B on that part, but the embellishment is. I don’t want much, just a line of quatrefoils down the side I think.


Image via Craft Envy, Invitation by Ohmymia on Etsy, now Pink Plum Design

While I could just have them printed, I could also emboss the shape. Or punch it.

And this is what keeps me up at night.

I CANNOT find this darn shape.


Image via Janet Shea Interiors

I want the one on the right, not the one of the left, because that’s what shows up on both buildings (otherwise I could use whatever shape I wanted, but that would defeat the point, wouldn’t it now.)

My first choice would be to emboss the shape in a row, so I found this embossing folder set at Michael’s:


Cricut Cuttlebug Acanthus folder

See there on the right? Close right? But clearly not it, its too flowery in the middle.

So I tried punches instead…


EK Success Medallion 2 in in punch via Amazon

Not bad, but still not quite it. And I really did want embossing…

Obviously, the next step was to drag Mike to Hobby Lobby next time we went to Indiana. Same stuff. A few other close misses. So I went to Joann.

Where I found this set of four folders:


Decorative Tile Cuttlebug Folders via Scrapbooking Warehouse

There on the bottom left was a solid contender. But alas, only a contender. It’s a smaller folder, and definitely the almost-shape with squared edges. And not only is the folder smaller (so a single strip would be too short) but the shape is also on the small side. I bought the set and practice embossed a page and alas, only close. Still not it.

Designer B thinks he might be able to get me a copy of the art file they used for the etching and wall decals at the church so it would be cool to get the exact image. And I looked up making your own embossing folder and it doesn’t look that hard. The catch is that I want the shape to be consistent so I need several that are identical; hard to hand cut. A Cricut would be perfect, and I can get access to one I think, but I would need the file with the right shape and the ability to make them attach to each other. I looked, but because the shape seems to go by so many names–these are Acanthus, Medallion and Decorative Tile–I’m stuck.

I’ll go with flat printing if I have to, but I’m not out yet!

Did you have some element you just HAD to have for your wedding? Any idea what else my shape could be called?


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