Getting it all in order

Back in the beginning, right after I got engaged, y mom came over, and we (she) made the very first wedding-related purchase.


I got a planning binder. (And a magazine). She read a bunch of reviews online, and several people spoke highly of this one. There are much cuter ones out there, with pretty color inspiration pictures and all. But in terms of comprehensive, detail oriented and useful for actually PLANNING a wedding, this one seemed like the best. We spent an hour on the floor of the wedding section in Barnes & Noble flipping through the options.

Martha Stewart & Colin Cowie had really pretty fabric binders. Another one had a multi pocket flex file in the back.

The one I chose, though, is full of checklists and “whats in a contract” and quick advice. There are no color photos, but I need to make sure I don’t forget stuff, not check out pretty shoes and bouquets. It was also one of the cheapest, at only $19.95 (less on Amazon!). The same author puts out the Brides Book of Lists, which I considered picking up instead (and buying my second favorite binder) but to my totally untrained eye, it seemed like the extra content in the binder was worth it.

I also took out Mindy Weiss’ book from the library, which was very comprehensive and helpful.


For both books and binders, a lot of them seemed more for someone who wanted to think about a wedding but not actually plan one…not quite fully practical. Pretty pictures, fun inspiration, but not a comprehensive overview of what you need to do (I am finding LOTS of things I know nothing about here!).

And on a practical note, the book I loved the most, from my Mom’s library, was A Practical Wedding, written by the author of the website with the same name. It calmed me down and gave me steps to take and walked me through the basics. It’s a book, not a planner, although there are so many checklists online you might be fine with just a book. It was so great to read when we were losing it with what-are-we-doing and where-are-we-going and trying to figure out what mattered to us (which is difficult, if you don’t what the choices even are).


So you should buy this book. And maybe a binder. Or just wait for those free magazines that will show up if you sign up for a website or that are everywhere at bridal shows. Problem solved!

Did you get a planning binder? Whats your favorite wedding magazine?


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