Figuring out Fonts

I realize I’m being fully ridiculous here, but I really want an address stamp


Custom stamp via My Clear Stamps on Etsy

And if I’m going to get an address stamp, I may as well choose a cute font. And it may as well be the same font we use on the rest of our paper products. Although it would be silly to design everything else to match a stamp. So obviously I should choose the font I want to use for the paper products now, so I can put it on the stamp and then everything will match and unicorns will dance with puppies on rainbows and all that. That, or no one but me* will care.

I think Feel Script is super pretty.

Picture 2

Feel Script via Veer

Although Shamrock does not like “swirls” so this free option below might be a nice compromise. (Still pretty, not as swirly).

Picture 7

At Mahogany via Fonts 101

And this one is also super pretty:


Via Fontspace

I tossed out a few other options because the capital “M” was ugly (we’re 3/4 M over here, so its kind of important). Which clearly makes me even crazier than I already was. Yay me!

Did you get a stamp? Are you laughing at me right now?

*Patently untrue. Designer friend B will totally care, and BM Blondie will notice even if she doesn’t really care per se.


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