Figuring out Flowers

Two days before school started, I visited a couple florists. Flowers are not a big deal to me, but my mom loves them. Its the thing she’s most excited about. Add that to getting married on the longest day of the year, with a fairly early-evening reception, and floral centerpieces should be our best bet. Candles won’t show up with the big windows (and late sunset), and most people probably will be outside by the time they would.

So, flowers are in. Nothing too tall, nothing too showy. Just enough so the tables aren’t bare.


Actually, thats the required part, but we’ll have a few cafe tables outside, and probably a couple high boys inside, and then there’s that big mantel that needs something, plus all the surfaces having your reception in a house entails. And most of that doesn’t need need something, but it would look nice, right?

If we do any of the additional flowers (cafe tables, bar, etc) those will be on my mom–they’re all things I’m not concerned about if they don’t happen but I think they would be nice to have (just, you know, not nice enough to pay for). She WANTS to do the flowers (and we have two hours between the ceremony and reception), so don’t be concerned about that part. The question is, should she do the tables?

Option 1: The Florist

Go with a local florist to provide all bridal party flowers and 13 centerpieces. They’d probably look something like this, with no apples.


Image via Perfect Wedding Collections

Option 2: The Hybrid

Use a florist (or Whole Foods) for the bridal party flowers and do the reception arrangements ourselves. We have two ideas for this (well, more than two, but these are the top two):



Image via Hostess Pengoala Photo by Sarah Williams Photo

We could get these for around $20/each and people could take them home with them. We’d need another container for the base, and then moss or something (I love how she put tree branches with it), but these don’t seem super complicated.

Rosy Bowls


Image via Mary Dye | Potter

A potter-friend of Mama Clover makes these. They have three ceramic tubes sticking up that you place stems into–we’d just do hydrangeas which are in bloom then and between Mama Clover and her friends, widely available. They’re pretty foolproof, but shallow, so they would need the water put in on site and then the flowers. They aren’t cheap either, but again people could take them home with them–I feel better about pricier centerpieces if they’re reuseable.

Option 3: Going it Alone

Do everything ourselves. My college roommate worked for a florist for years, and my mom loves flowers. That’s a lot to do the day before the wedding though–I have a ton of out of town family, and I’d rather spend time with people than stress about getting lots of little things done. I think it might be worth the money to not have to deal with the hours of prep the day before.

What to do? The florist quoted $45 a table for centerpieces, which sounds fairly reasonable to me. I’m not sure how much money we’d save by doing it ourselves. And there’s the possibility that things go wrong/its raining/there’s traffic/whatever. I’m leaning towards a florist, but my mom really wanted to do it herself.

What would you do? Go pro or try it yourself?


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