Bonus Bride Points!

In December 2011, my (guy) friend emailed to ask if anyone could come to the party.

After momentary confusion (what party?), I realized a friend has posted my sorority’s annual holiday party fundraiser on my Facebook wall, and he was wondering if it would be a fun event to attend with his new girlfriend.

I replied he was welcome to come, but then I worried it would seem like I invited him but not anyone else. I don’t like mass emails (or obligating people to attend bar-party-fundraisers), but I was a little backed into a corner.

So I emailed a bunch of friends, telling them they totally weren’t obligated to come, good cause, sorority girls etc.

Josh replied and said he’d be there. (Amusingly, one of my friends got mad at me for inviting my ex’s roommate, but I was friends with Josh well before I met my ex. Plus, you know, sorority girls.)

Josh showed up, as promised, and so did the original friend and his new girlfriend (now fiance–they were engaged last month!). The four of us hung out until Josh started chatting up some of my friends, ending the night with Katie. A week later, I got an “Is it really ok if I go out with Josh?” text. (It was, but classy to ask!). Last March, she moved in. And this past weekend they got engaged.

You guys! I introduced people who are getting married!! I’m so proud!

Have you ever had a matchmaking success?


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