Pencil and Paper: The Invitations Begin

So, we’re going to make the invitations. Since I have a designer friend, it shouldn’t be too big of a stretch to do the basic idea and then have him make it look right. He offered back in August when we went on vacation together, and followed up when we were at a meeting together last week, so it was time to get moving.

I had an idea in my head, using the quatrefoil (oh, you elusive mystery!) as a common element, with embossing.

So I sketched up this mess:

Invite Mock Pencil Sketch

Personal photo

Main invitation. I have the rest of the wording actually typed somewhere (Shamrock said no swirly fonts at all, so I had to make sure this was ok–it was!) (And those blobs will be embossed quatrefoils.)

I was all proud of myself for “Figuring out invitation wording” last month, per my checklist…but now I’m realizing they really meant “Figure out all the words on all the pieces of paper” which is not what I did.

I have (with close-but-not-ours-names, no worries):

Together with their parents
(Miss?) Mary Rachel Clark
(Mr?) Michael Anthony Miller
request the honor of your presence
at their wedding (as they exchange marriage vows?)

Saturday the date of June
two thousand and fourteen
at half past two o’clock

The Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago
North Michigan Avenue at Delaware Place
Chicago, Illinois

And all was well. Until I realized….

  • Does the invitation say anything about the reception?
  • What goes on the reply? How can guests indicate meal choices?
  • How do I word the reply?
  • What does the reception card actually say?
  • Do we need more than a reception card and RSVP card?
  • Wait, should we do online RSVP and forget the card??

Oh. Sigh.

So I mocked up a few ideas for a reception card:


Personal Photo


Personal Photo

And presented them to Shamrock. Who was just full of helpful feedback.

“I don’t like half past. So we shouldn’t use that one.”

“Oh. Actually, they’re all supposed to say half past, I just didn’t realize til I was halfway through–so they’d all say half past.”

“Eh. I really don’t like that.”

“Well, that’s what they’re supposed to say.”

“Maybe we should just pay the extra half hour and have it start it at five so it doesn’t have to say half past.”

But the best was when I tried to get his opinion on pocketfolds versus a stack of flat cards held together with a bellyband. Somewhere in there, I explained that people can be slow to RSVP, and maybe online would be easier. Imagine my surprise when he came back with, “I think what you should do is get it so it makes you RSVP right away. Like when you get the birthday cards that sing when you open them up. Except you open it and it says, you have 30 seconds to tell us if you’re coming, and then it will self-destruct. And then smoke could start coming out of it, and it would ask you again and then it would BLOW UP.”

“Well….I’m not sure that’s practical?”

He was so excited though; I felt a little bad squashing his dream of an exploding envelope.

Next up, I’ll work with Designer Friend B on the layout, and then decide what will go on my custom plate. I plan on printing them on a home printer (my dad has a nice one) and then embossing everything myself.*

What did your other invitation inserts say? How many of those am I supposed to have? Did your fiance have any bizarre advice?

*By myself I probably mean my homeroom/lunch bunch/assorted students. They want to, I swear!


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