Registry 101: What to Get

Sometimes I get a little obsessive.

Today’s Example: The Registry.

In my defense, I worked part time in retail for eight years, where I did a fair amount of registry consulting. That means I’ve set up dozens of registries, explained the scanner, and even spent hours walking around the store with a bride (make an appointment!)

So when it came to setting up our registry, I had a lot of background to draw from. I also just had a lot of stuff, and so did Shamrock. So what’s a girl to do? Make a spreadsheet (bet you never saw that one coming.)

I started with a ridiculously obsessive list of ALL OF THE THINGS. From there, I started noting what we actually needed (newsflash: not a whole lot). That wasn’t crazy enough, so then I put whether things were high, medium or low priority for us.

The goal in all that crazy? Decide where to register. My reasoning was that if there were only a few things we really needed, we should make sure we picked the right stores for those things. I didn’t want to choose two stores and then realize the two things we really wanted weren’t really our favorites there. (If this makes no sense to you, I’m not surprised. I sucked at explaining it to Shamrock too.) I just didn’t want to register at Macy’s and BBB, only to find the perfect plates at Crate & Barrel.

A semi-finished version of the list I completed for us. It has some of our info in it because I was too lazy to clear it all. Its ridiculously comprehensive. I’m not sure if I should say I’m sorry or you’re welcome.

For us, the highest priority (and largest thing overall) was dishes. There were some other things that I figured would be equivalent plenty of places (like appliances, dish towels and steak knives) and others (sheets) that we would register for if we liked them, but not worry about if we didn’t.

So we made our list, checked it twice, and then started trying to find those elusive plates–more on that one later!

How did you decide which store to register at? Anyone else make an obsessive list?


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