Piggy has a secret

I teach high school math.

Mike’s an IT consultant.

We’re not very mushy or romantic people.

And yet, sometimes Mike is really sentimental (and I slip cards in his luggage when he travels on occasion.)

When we were dating a month, he sent me flowers.

At three months, he gave me a piggybank (this was supposed to be for my birthday, but he didn’t have it ready in time so instead I got heart shaped pancake molds.) The piggy bank was my souvenir from Vegas, and inside were 10 things he liked about me (plus a bonus) but I couldn’t read them since he glued it shut*. It was for me to open later, “maybe on our one year anniversary.”


By late fall, we had talked a bit about previous relationships and where we might want this one to go (awkwardly; see above) and both had the understanding that we both thought we may have a future together. Mike also said he felt like if we didn’t get engaged in a year I would break up with him, because this was my timeline (totally unfair, I never said a thing about a timeline, and it wouldn’t have been a year regardless). I told him that wasn’t true but didn’t press the issue.

We went to look at rings once, right after New Years, because Mike wanted to know what I liked without having ring shopping be a big deal–since we wouldn’t be getting engaged anytime soon, I wouldn’t expect anything, and he would be able to surprise me.

And that was that. I really didn’t expect anything and we went about getting to know each other and making plans for the future. Little did I know…

*Also, he glued his fingers shut.


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