Halfway There: Checking In

When school let out for the summer, I had grand plans for what I wanted to get done. A little over halfway through our engagement, here’s where we stand now. I’ll admit I’ve been hiding from this list. I checked out entirely from the start of school to October 1 (spurred into action by the florist calling and saying, “You said to call you after October started because then you would start planning your wedding again…”) and have made fairly limited progress since. Here’s where I’m at now:

DONE (or close enough to it):

We’ve got a ceremony and a reception venue, we booked a caterer, dj, florist and photographer. I made a website and bought a dress, the hotel block is reserved. Engagement pictures were taken, and the honeymoon flights are booked.


  • Invitations are ready to get designed by a real designer, then printed and assembled.
  • If we do Save the Dates, we’re doing them now. (Mike wants them, I don’t care)
  • Honeymoon hotel reservations–but flights are booked!
  • Figure out who is hosting the rehearsal dinner, and then do research on venues if needed.
  • Bridesmaid dresses, which will happen once my sister is in town over Christmas break. Which brings us to my little secret, which you may not even have noticed isn’t here. I don’t have colors. I’ll explain a little more about this later, but I’ve been waiting this whole time.


  • Transportation: This was on the list from the summer. But we still don’t know for sure who will be transported, where and when. Largely because…
  • Wedding Night Hotel: We don’t know where we want to stay. Our reception is in Oak Park, but it might be nice to get ready downtown, near the church. And my dad’s wife wants to do a brunch the next day that we would at least stop by. This can wait though; I already have a hold on a room in Oak Park and we’re pretty open for our downtown Chicago options.
  • Cake: All my checklists say I need to book the cake now, but I thought waiting til January made more sense. But no worries–it isn’t like I’m going to miss out on free cake! We have to use a specific bakery, so its really just choosing flavors that needs to happen.
  • Gifts: I can start thinking of ideas of what we’d like to get people to thank them (Ok, I already picked up a couple things)
  • Ceremony: We’ve already met with the church coordinator and know our pastor well but we need to start talking details. Meeting with the pastor is already on the calendar for January, as well as the church-required premarital seminar. We should also start a list of hymns and passages and things we like.
  • Dance Lessons: Mike got these at a Silent Auction before we were engaged. Thinking ahead. We just need to schedule this.
  • Men’s attire: Tuxes or suits. I have no idea.
  • Beauty: I need to find a hair and make up artist (because its important to Mike that I have it done–I want my hair done because I can’t even blow dry it myself, but I feel like I could do my own makeup). I have zero interest in finding hair & makeup inspiration though.

Where are you at in your planning? How do I look for the halfway(ish) point? Am I completely crazy for not knowing what my colors are yet?


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