In Which I am Completely Oblivious

On our one year anniversary, Shamrock made reservations for dinner on Sunday night at Nomi. (2nd table from the left if you’re wondering, right in front of those windows looking out over the Water Tower and Michigan Avenue). I truly didn’t expect a thing.


Photo via Hyatt/Nomi

We had already agreed on no gifts, but we had each gotten each other a card. I knew he did something else because when he disappeared for hours on Saturday and I texted him “Are you dead?” he replied “No, I’m crafting.”

He brought a gift bag to dinner (stapled shut, ha ha) and gave me his card first. Inside was a 99 cent card.



Image personal

I love making pancakes, and for my birthday the year before he gave me heart-shaped pancake molds and a Vegas piggy bank, sealed shut (my birthday card said maybe I could open it on our one year anniversary). Inside the card, he wrote that he bought it on our one week anniversary and decided to hold onto it for our one year anniversary, knowing even then that he planned to be around. He carried it around for the better part of a year in his work bag, waiting to use it. (I am not a sappy person or a crier but the card almost got me.) He also wrote that as promised I could open Piggy, but first I had to read a book he wrote for me.



Image via I Am Stephanie Book available on Amazon

He put SO MUCH WORK in to this book! I don’t even know how many hours–every night that week after we got off the phone (he was in Arizona for work), up at 2 am on Saturday morning, those vanished hours Saturday afternoon. It was lovely, and I spent most of dinner reading through it. There were a couple awkward references (like about having kids or being married) so I just skipped responding to those. Once I finished the book, he explained that we couldn’t open Piggy in the restaurant because “it would make a mess” so we had to do it outside.

At the end of dinner, he was very insistent that we go to the Cheesecake Factory two blocks away for dessert. Amusingly, the table we got was at the very end of the raised part of the seating, looking out over the lower seating, for all the world like a head table at a wedding. We even joked about it. As we left, he suggested we walk to my church across the street so we could open Piggy in the Garth (courtyard). (Except it was dark. And kind of chilly.)

4th Church Garth

Photo via Panaramio by ~Marlene~

I realize you totally see it coming by now, but I absolutely did not. It fit together in my head: Piggy would make a mess** so we had to open it outside. We sat on the edge of the fountain in the Garth and he asked if I wanted to hear the reasons. He said he had them in a note in his phone too, in case something happened to Piggy, which it had (**Glitter) and read them to me. Then he asked if I wanted to see what he turned Piggy into. Honestly, I was so excited. I thought he did something to Piggy and it was going to be a hilarious craft fail, and also, glitter.

So I was a little thrown off by the Tiffany box.



Image personal (clearly, photography is not a talent here)

As he started explaining that the girl at the store did a better job on the ribbon but he opened it to see and couldn’t re-tie as well so….

I lost focus. It went like this:

Ohmigod thats a jewelry box. Are we getting engaged?

Don’t jump to conclusions! It could be….a necklace? [I don’t have pierced ears, so it wouldn’t be earrings.]

That box is too small for a necklace.

Also, this would be a terrible way to give someone a necklace.

So it must be a ring.

I think we’re getting engaged.

I should really start paying attention.

So I did, and he got the box open, and the ring box out, and he opened it up, and got down on one knee.

It was short and sweet and lovely, and I took off my gloves (because it was freeeeezing) and put on the ring and we were engaged. The ring is a perfect diamond solitaire and just what I wanted. So we went home, happy and excited, and a ring on my finger.

*Piggy would be messy, he was crafting yesterday, he said it didn’t go as planned–this all equaled GLITTER in my head. I was CONVINCED there was glitter, and I have no idea why. I doubt Mike could figure out where the heck to buy glitter, and in retrospect it makes no sense, but I was all glitter and no diamonds that night.

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