White Paper Packages Tied up with String


Technically boxes. And technically ribbon. But whatever.

I wanted to do something cute to ask my girls to stand up with me, but I was torn about what to do.

Cute paper dolls? Fun, but I only have three bridesmaids.



Image via Once Wed

I loved the look of pretty wood boxes, what do you DO with that? I’d feel obligated to keep it, although I have no use for it, and not a lot of spare space. And I wasn’t sure what gifts to give my girls.

2 edited


Image via Rinse Repeat

A little box? That seems do-able. You can keep it if you want, but its small and easily disposable if you’re so inclined (my sister would be moving cross country the day after I asked her).



Image and tutorial via Smitten on Paper

This is a great tutorial (it gives you all the pieces to print & cut), but I wanted to get this done with things I had at home.

I had these cute-if-flowery little white boxes, but I didn’t love the Victorian feel–so I turned them inside out and stuck them back together. The glue made a yellow line where it was attached, so then I needed to cover that up. (All remaining photos personal.)


Some trusty washi tape on that corner (and all the others for continuity) fixed that problem right up, and the whole reverse-the-boxes-and-tape-the-edges was the majority of my craft time here.

I loved the look of the pop out strip with the ask, so I made one of those, and then a little cardboard riser at the bottom from some scrap cardstock.


All of the pieces:


I tied it up with some skinny blue ribbon and a tag with their name on it in green, and was ready to go.


If you wanted to make these, I’d hit the container store for cute little boxes, pick up some ribbon and cardstock and a pretty pen. For bonus points, you could use multiple colors or a stick on gem. Super fast & easy.


I gave one to each girl, and another to my best friend, who will be standing up on Shamrock’s side. They all loved them. Much as my BFF makes fun of me, he was clearly excited to get his little box. (Ahem, I know because his mother told me.) I offered to make two more for the rest of the guys, but Shamrock passed. I bet they would have liked them though!

How did you ask your girls and guys?

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