Color Me…something?

I mentioned in my intro post that the next thing on my agenda is choosing colors. Feel free to join Shamrock in thinking this is totally ridiculous, but I just haven’t picked yet.

I’m not completely clueless; I know I want blues & greens. I just don’t get any more specific than that. Could it be light blue?

Light Blue Dresses SMP

Image via: Style Me Pretty     Photo By: Danielle Capito Photography

I do have a reason though.

We haven’t chosen bridesmaid dresses yet. I didn’t want to lock myself into the perfect mossy green and lovely baby blue, only to find out we couldn’t find any decent dresses. And I’m not the one wearing it, anyhow. I think one of the main ways you get your colors across is with the bridesmaids dresses, and while I’m not deluding myself into thinking they’ll be buying their new favorite dresses, I’d like to optimize the chances they at least don’t hate it. And for me at least, that would mean it needs to be a color I like. You could pick the cutest style ever and the most flattering cut, and if it was bright red with a cute orange hem peeking out…I’d never touch it again. Just not my thing.

I would totally choose an awesome teal dress, but that’s probably plenty of people’s never-again.

teal SMP

Image Via: Style Me Pretty   Photography By: Katie Stoops Photography

I actually had this conversation with BM Secrets years ago, and she made me repeat in front of our other friends that when I got married I would let the bridesmaids pick the color. I don’t think any of them believed me, but fast forward three years and I feel the same way. I can’t think of a blue or a green that I just can’t work with, even if they wouldn’t be my  first choice. And I’ve had friends struggle with finding a dress in just-the-right-shade of blue that everyone actually liked, eliminating plenty of popular brands for lack of the perfect green. It seems so much easier to just have them pick the blue or green. If it isn’t what I would have chosen, I’ll just minimize the use of it and make sure I pick plenty of colors that complement it.

I love the mixed dresses look (no way are my ‘maids all wearing the same style)…

Green Dresses SMP

Image via: Style Me Pretty      Photography by: Katch Silva Photography

Different Blue DressesSMP

Image via: Style Me Pretty   Photography By: Emily Steffen

Honestly, I’d be leaning towards light blue right now because it seems pretty easy and neural… apparently all three of my girls are united in disliking pastels. So, crisis averted. They’ll be picking a not-pastel. And I can always pair it with a pastel if I want. (Side note: This is like paint colors. Never ever pick the paint first. There are zillions of paint colors out there, and not nearly as many bedspread choices. Don’t get stuck trying to find a couch to match the perfect gray paint in your living room–couch first paint second!)

Dresses aren’t something I’m really in to, so this also saved me the trouble of scoping out the options. How will it work out? I don’t know; we’re going dress shopping the Sunday before Christmas, once MOH Sis is in town for the holidays. But I think it will work well for all of us, especially since they’re all pretty easy going and there are only three.

How did you pick your colors? Do you think I’m crazy for letting my girls pick my shades for me?


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