Narrowing down dresses

So. We’ve got to find some dresses.

First, let’s discuss what I did wrong. We should have kicked off the process by watching some Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids. I didn’t know this existed, but we watched several episodes once we got home.


Image via SYTTD: Bridesmaids

Hive, do this now. The bridesmaid above are only three of the FIFTEEN bridesmaids this bride had, and the budget for the dresses was $500. When some of the bridesmaids were like, “what?!” she just kept saying, “it was in the email” which was hilarious. She also told the bridesmaids that she went over her budget on the dress, so they could go over on theirs. (People. It was in the email.) This kicked off an amusing afternoon of my sister and I following up every sentence with, “it was in the email, b****!”


Image via SYTTD: Bridesmaids

MOH Brat on the right made the bride cry. There was also the girl who was only going to be a bridesmaid if they picked a dress she liked. The bride had no opinion; she just wanted her three friends in her wedding.

We should have grabbed some snacks for a fun afternoon–someone please do this and then tell me about it! The site also has a gallery of the real girls in the dress picks, which is fun to look at too.

Anyhow, we did none of that. MOH Sis, who needs this guide* (also via TLC), made an appointment at a bridal salon and the three of us went.

We were woefully unprepared. What are you looking for? Dresses. What color? Green or blue. Price range? ….not too much? Matching? Nah, if it happens it’s fine, but I was assuming three different styles (my girls are really different shapes).

First up: WToo by Watters


Image via MyDress4Less, Style 958 by WToo

We liked this dress (although not so much the vertical butt bow), but we would do it in a blue-gray color called Atlantic (shown on this dress). The raw silk is a gorgeous material too.

And at the same salon, Bill Levkoff


Image via Bill Levkoff, Style 765

We liked this dress and this color, as well as 156–although MOH Sis may have just liked it because it actually fit her. The majority of the dresses were chiffon and although it wasn’t our first thought for fabric, we ended up really liking these.

After that, we stopped by David’s Bridal. With one short bridesmaid and two tall (and a preference for knee length dresses) this was a total fail. Although we had a great experience and a lovely consultant, there is no option for extra length, and it seems the skirt length is identical on all sizes–so tiny MOH Sis was wearing a nice past the knee style, where BM Blondie was rocking a super short skirt. Not happening. It was nice to be able to try on correct sizes and see all of the colors though–we went for our standard greens and blues again, finding a fun brighter green color that we all liked.


Image via ebates, Davids Bridal Style E44239

So at the end of the day, we were overflowing with information.

It looked like we could make a decision with any of our four criteria:

  • Price: Davids Bridal was the cheapest at around $100, Bill Levkoff closer to $140, and WToo is more like $200
  • Rewearability: (ha ha) Some of them you may never wear again. Others you’d only be really unlikely to wear again! But there were several the girls thought they might wear again, so more power to them.
  • Color: Our top contenders are a summery green and a tealy blue-gray
  • Fabric: chiffon, raw silk or jersey

Price isn’t a big issue for us–all the dresses are under $200, so we’re good there. Although a dress that might look normal in non-wedding circumstances is great, it isn’t a big deal. And each fabric has its own pros and cons. So that leaves us with color.

With a possible last minute contender in Alfred Angelo or Nordstrom dresses, its time to make a decision. I would have loved to try but unfortunately they didn’t have the right size range for us. With only one day to go until MOH Sis leaves again until March, we needed to make a call.

How did you choose your colors? What factors were important to you when you chose bridesmaid dresses? Have you seen Say Yes to the Dress Bridesmaids?

*MOH Sis is a great MOH; she just hasn’t been in a wedding before. So she keeps wondering if she’s doing it right!


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