Dates and Days Off

Hi, hive! After a busy two weeks of Christmas break, I was all ready to head back to school on Monday–except I didn’t. As all of my fellow Midwesterners can attest, its freeeeeezing here. After some initial drama (optional attendance? No one even knows what that is), Chicago Public Schools cancelled Monday & Tuesday. We’re back in the swing of things today (I was getting a little bored) and headed back to normal.

What we don’t know yet? What happens to the two days I just spent hanging out in my dining room, organizing my craft supplies.

And that’s a pretty big deal to me. I’m getting married in June, but I haven’t really talked about how we landed on June and a 14 month engagement.

When we got engaged back in April, Shamrock wanted to get married asap. He’s been married before, and although being the center of attention isn’t really his thing, was on board with the whole wedding concept (admittedly, he’d probably have been even more on board with the whole just go to the courthouse or destination concept, but I digress). So we needed to pick a date.

My 50-odd family members all live a plane ride away, and I can be generally a stressy person, so I wanted at least six months to give everyone time to make arrangements. Unfortunately, six months after we got engaged would be late October. Not only is Chicago starting to get cold by then, but fall is crazy-busy for me. I’m a teacher, but I’m also a mentor for a alternative teacher certification program. Every year, I have two residents learning to be teachers. They spend four days a week and I teach them how to be a math teacher. It’s a great experience, and I love it, but it’s a LOT of work. Beyond my required additional hours, I usually spend even more time getting them up to speed, so fall is a no go for me. I could never do it.

They’re able to take on a lot more by December (and my resident this year is awesome–hi Mini-Me!) so that would be the earliest, but anything up til March can be a bad situation for travel. What if something like the 2011 Blizzard, where my street got cleared by front loader (!) happened right before? Eek! And although we missed school for extreme cold, most flights were cancelled in the past couple days since we also got a lot of snow.

SnowDay 5

Personal photo

So, that brings us to April, which can still be chilly, so maybe May but I also wanted to steer clear of May 9 (my AP test). Once we get into late May, we could just, you know, wait a couple weeks and then I wouldn’t be working. Oh, and BM Mathlete wouldn’t be either. And MOH Sis, who is also a teacher in California–she’d be able to come home for the whole week before the wedding instead of one day.

So we picked our date for a week and a half after I finish the school year. And so you can see my concern. If we make up these days, it’s likely at least one will happen right before the wedding. I know some teachers get married during the school year (another mentor got married the Saturday after Christmas), but I just really didn’t want to deal with the added stress, especially since I have plenty of time off work!

And that’s how we ended up with a 14-month engagement. We’ve actually been to only one wedding since we started dating, but since we’ve gotten engaged, FOUR couples we’re friends with have also gotten engaged, and at least three of those will get married before we do. Two have 9 month engagement (a timeline that I think would have been great for me if we’d gotten engaged at a different time of year) and the third will have six months. So we have a lot of weddings between today and our own!

How did you pick your date? Did you have a longer engagement or did you want to do it as soon as possible? And what did you do with your snow day(s) fellow Chicago ladies?


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