The Clovers Choose a Dress

…and you’ll never guess what color it is!

After our Christmas shopping trip, I realized the next steps were on me. Since no one else had strong opinions either (or at least none that they would share), someone was going to have to make a call, and apparently these sort of things fall to the bride.

In marked contrast to SYTTD: Bridesmaids, they kept telling me they’d wear whatever I wanted* and I kept telling them I really, really did not care. Note: Sometimes, someone has to make a call. I had also thought about doing mismatched dresses–just telling them to find a dress in a springy shade of green and going for it, but apparently even that is not as easy as I would have hoped. First, all of the pictures I could find had more than three girls and I was worried it would just look messy instead of charming with three. I would actually cover up some of the bridesmaids with my finger so I could see what it would look like with just three girls. Ultimately, I think its a great look, but my girls wanted more direction, so it wasn’t the best choice for us.


Image via Tattoo Donkey (why? No clue. But its really hard to find images with only three girls in them.)

People want direction, and they want to make sure they don’t come too close to matching, and (my) bridesmaids really just want to make the bride happy, which means being told what to wear and wearing it. So, sigh, I needed to pick something. Different shades weren’t happening, so we were down to choosing a line and a fabric and then having each maid choose her own style.

The contenders were (you can see pictures and more info here)…

  • WToo in a blue-green raw silk (hands down prettiest fabric, but a more expensive dress and not too many good style options).
  • Bill Levkoff in a tealy blue chiffon, with tons of styles. Chiffon wasn’t our first choice, but these were a bit less expensive and had a lot of options.
  • Davids Bridal in green, but really not an option. David’s Bridal was a good stop for us since they had all the sizes and all the colors, but overall a major fail. BM Blondie is 5’11” and they DO NOT OFFER EXTRA LENGTH. BM Blondie is an excellent friend and said she was not the most comfortable baring half her thigh, but she would be happy to look like a hooker for my wedding if I wanted. Not so much, so David’s was off the list entirely. (Seriously. Why on earth do you not offer extra length? Is that even difficult to do? We would have paid for it.)

We started with color: did we want a tealy blue, a light blue, or a springy green? We all thought the green would be less expected and a little different, so we were leaning towards that option. Too bad the green we like was at David’s Bridal 😦 But further googling revealed that Bill Levkoff has a green too, it just wasn’t represented in the samples we saw. Calling salons in Chicago (me & sis), California (Sis) and NW Indiana (me, while with Shamrock’s family for the holidays) revealed NO ONE had our green dress. They send all the stores the same samples colors, which for whatever reason are very heavy on plums & purples. Google Image searching showed dresses that certainly looked fine, but I wanted to see a dress!

Frustrated, I ignored the problem for awhile. I just wanted to see a dress, not a swatch, but I decided I’d settle for a swatch to get this thing done. So my carpool buddy MC and I stopped by House of Brides on our way home from work. I expected to be shown a tiny scrap of fabric, and hope for the best. Our consultant was working the desk, and started checking us in as we stood around the showroom. She was lovely, although a woman (probably seamstress?) kept yelling at us over and over even though were a) speaking to or waiting for our consultant and b) not, technically, moving at all. Surprise! She came back with an actual clover dress! I pointlessly snapped a cell phone pic, and the decision was made–they were even going on sale for MLK weekend!

I emailed the girls, and after a long, epic (and occaionsally painful) series of text chains, each girl had their style picked out. The style below is close to what MOH Sis will wear (765) and Blondie and Mathlete are in 762 and 725 I think. And the color?


Image via French Novelty, Bill Levkoff 323

You guys…this Clover just picked Clover dresses. You have my permission to laugh or groan. It really was the color we liked the best, and the fact that its my bee name was just the icing on the cake! How did you pick your dresses? Was it hard to find something that worked for everyone? Why does David’s Bridal hate tall people?

*As long as BM Mathlete could cover her arms, either with the dress or a cardigan or wrap. Guess who didn’t care.


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