The Mysteries of the Internet, or: How much?

After going in with way too little direction, we finally chose a dress.


Image via French Novelty, Bill Levkoff 323

And then we had to order it. Do we go online? In store?

We tried on the dresses at House of Brides in Chicago right before Christmas, and they were also the ones who happened to have the Clover dress Friend MC and I saw. I asked the consultant while we were there if it mattered if we ordered them online or in store (we were going to order them the through their site), and she said that in store means you have someone to help you out if there are issues or anything.

MOH Sis and I had been talking earlier and she was mentioning that the styles we liked were around $133. I realized she must be confused (or on the wrong site?) because the correct dresses were $171. Both of us agreed that they were on sale on line, but our pricing wasn’t even close.

MOH Sis lives in California and me, Blondie & Mathlete live in Chicago. Sis’s insisting prices of the dresses we want are $133. We all show $171. So. Weird. She sent us a screen shot and everything. I know Amazon does different pricing based on demand and time of day and how often you’ve visited an item, but I was really surprised a bridesmaids dress retailer would have location-based pricing too.

Shamrock tried a proxy server and got the cheaper pricing. So. Weird. He started trying different locations, like what the price would be in Indy ($145) and Arizona (Can’t remember).

With the dresses ringing up at $177 in store or $133 if MOH Sis placed the order in California, we decided we were willing to risk online. Hopefully everything will be fine, and if it’s not? Eh, its not like I cared all that much in the first place! We’ll work something out.

Anyhow, in line with all these Yelp reviews, they aren’t the easiest to work with anyhow. Our consultant was sweet, but while we stood in the main room, a woman (probably a seamstress) yelled at us three times, asking us what we were doing and informing us we had to work with a consultant, even while our consultant kept repeating we WERE working with her. So, not sad about not giving that woman our business.

Here’s hoping everything works out ok! Did you buy your dresses online or from a store? Anything we should be aware of?


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