Consider it Saved

Despite my misgivings over sending Save-the-Dates, we did it!


Image via Vistaprint, Photo by Caili Helsper

I was so. over. it. so MOH Sis told me she’d take care of it, and she and Shamrock picked it out when she was in town over winter break. Is it exactly what I would have picked? Eh, maybe not. But I said it didn’t matter and I stuck with it.

I had a groupon for Vistaprint, so they were just the cost of shipping (and I think the Groupon was $15). We could do worse! I was kind of glad to have self-limited to the selection from Vistaprint. I sorted by designs including a photo, selected some likely contenders to Shamrock, and then….

Oh, right, that method was kind of a fail. Anyhow, MOH Sis did the same thing with him, and they worked out just fine. Their backups:



Designs via Vistaprint, Photos by Caili Helsper

I kind of thought you should be able to see our faces, but they both pointed out that people could check out the website (on the back of the two top cards) if they wanted to see what we looked like. MOH Sis felt like the picture we actually used would get the best reaction from our guests, and so far I’d have to say MOH Sis and Shamrock were right. I’ve gotten plenty of texts and messages complimenting our Save the Date, so I think we can count this a win.

The other thing that was mostly helpful/a little stressful was getting these out in the wild once they came in.

Shamrock did a great job getting all of our addresses formatted and ready to merge, and its great that we won’t be worrying about those details when it comes time to do the invitations (in fact, we can do the envelopes for the invitations once we know what color we want the envelopes to be).

Word to the wise: This is the time to finalize your guest list. One of my big concerns initially was who to send them to when I wasn’t positive who all we could include. We ended up going for it and sending save the dates to the friends who had other friends being invited as well (so none of Shamrock’s coworkers got them, but two more friends from church did). But if you’re still in negotiations on your guest list, tread carefully! It’s pretty tough to send someone a Save the Date and then not an invitation, and I personally think its also awkward to send some friends a Save the Date but not the others. (A tricky situation when you’re close to your max!)

Did you use a picture where people could see your faces? Do you think it matters? Any Save the Date drama?


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