Choosing Colors

With bridesmaids dresses finally chosen, it was time to pull together a color scheme for the wedding. I threw out some ideas, after procrastinating forever on those darn bridesmaids dresses.

With our clover dresses, we needed some tones that would work nicely. I didn’t want anything too bright (I don’t think it would look right with the elegant-old-mansion look we have going) and Shamrock was against anything with too much contrast. Other fun facts: Shamrock hates navy. Like HATES you guys. I thought it was just a “navy dresses aren’t right for a June wedding” but no, he just has no use for the color. Ever. Who knew.

So I got to searching. I headed back to The Perfect Palette…

spring green wedding inspiration board a

Aqua & Emerald via The Perfect Palette, by Postcards & Pretties (individual image credits at source)

And then I headed for more of the usual: Pinterest, The Knot’s Wedding Colors section.
The color chooser tool at Nearlyweds was a fun way to waste 15 minutes, but I still wasn’t sure about the colors. Charlottesville Wedding Blog & Emmaline Bride had some nice tips.
And Magnet Street lets you select colors and then will send you a swatch card that you can share with others to keep things consistent. It’s free too! (Just click on the boxes where it says “Know your colors?” on the left, and then you can request free samples.)
color swatches_mod

Unfortunately for me, the only color I know is Clover, and a computer screen just wasn’t doing it for me. I still knew I wanted greens & blues I just needed to come up with a better idea of which ones. So I decided to let it go for a while, and hope something brilliant hit me (sorry, I know thats anticlimactic).

How did you choose your colors? Anyone else have trouble picking things via computer?


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