Late for a Very Important Date

You guys…I’m late. For my wedding.

According to this, I was supposed to get married back in December!

Screenshot 2014-02-10 18.35.04

Graph of my Facebook friends by Time.

Luckily, I have less than five months to go, so I should be okay.

All kidding aside, I found the article (and the analysis) by TIME tech really interesting. I’m 33, which depending on where you live is probably really old to get married or maybe right on target. The under-25 marrieds in my graph above are all my cousins in Texas, and I only have a couple married friends around my age (and no close friends who are younger than I am and married). They talk a little more about the methodology in the article (which I found interesting since I teach AP Statistics), but basically they look at all of your Facebook friends who list an age and a relationship status and then find the median age of marriage. In my case, half my friends got married later than 33 and half before.

We know that the average age of marriage for women is about 27 (Census), up from 20.5 in 1950. But facts like that are so tough to interpret. In my major city, most people seem to wait until a little older, whereas all four of my cousins in Texas got married within two months of college graduation. Is it regional? Based on your friend group? I don’t know, but I find it really fascinating.

Every once in a while, someone will post on the boards about being an older bride…and then they’re younger than I am. It’s all in the perspective. My mini-me (my student teacher who is so like me its scary) got married fresh out of college–but so did plenty of other people; getting engaged in college was just what you did. My college? I knew one person who got engaged. A friend who married her college sweetheart waited four years after she graduated. I definitely don’t feel “late” at 33 (well, most of the time at least) but there’s only one other Miss bee over 30 right now, so maybe I am!

MOH Sis (who is 30) and I have talked a lot about this, and how much social circles and region play a part in when people feel like they “should” get married. It’s so easy to assume everyone should be like us and follow the same patterns. I don’t think there’s any “right” time for anyone, and I’m happy to be marrying the right man for me in June (much more so than hitting a target date!). And I know I’m on target with three weddings coming up in May of other friends (at a range of ages actually)–so good thing I didn’t catch this at the end of May. I bet I’ll be way overdue by then!

How about you? Where do you fall relative to your friends? Are you late? Early?


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