The Colors are (finally) Chosen

I know, I’m drawing this out ridiculously long. (Sadly, not as long as it’s actually taken, but still.)

Here’s how its gone down so far:

To get started on invitations and placecards and guest books and decor and ohmigosh projects I needed some actual colors.

So I headed for my paper stash, along with a few sheets I picked up on a recent Michael’s run. I laid out all the blues and greens I could find, along with a green that looks pretty close to the dresses (at least as well as I can remember so hopefully I’m right).


We narrowed it down and we had our colors. No computer involved. Green, teal, light aqua and pale blue. Give or take. I even have little swatch pieces I can carry around with me, so I know if I’m getting close or not. (I’m not tied to these exact specific shades, I just wanted the general feel so I would know how it might fit together.


Terrible photo. The real colors are somewhere between the two pictures…

But then I remembered I’m a blogger, and I was all, I have to find something to show our colors other than terrible photography. So, I tried the same tools I linked in the last post, and I could not get the right ones to show up, even though I now even know what our colors are. So I googled again to see if there was some sort of tool for dummies that may be available.

So this thread came up in the search results, and I thought it could help–Preston Bailey’s Color Palette Picker. But no, it chooses your colors FOR you, based off of one color and some questions you answer. Not what I needed, but I was already there so why not and THEN:

Screenshot 2014-02-12 14.54.41

Via Preston Bailey’s Color Palette Picker

Um, that’s really close to my colors. Closer than I could get trying with a Color Palette Generator to click on the right colors. Finally. (Interestingly, you don’t get the same colors every time, even with the same answers. There goes another 15 minutes of my life.)

How did you choose your colors? Do you have swatches?


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