Firsts and Lasts

Friday was the first Valentines Day I spent with Shamrock, although it almost didn’t happen. (Last year he was traveling so I got flowers at work.) This year, he had a 6 am flight out of SFO back to Chicago. Except it got cancelled. And he get rebooked on a 5 pm flight the NEXT day. Luckily, after several hours on the phone (he found out the flight was cancelled when he got up in the middle of the night and glanced at his phone), he was able to get rebooked on a flight four hours later, making it home with a bit of time to spare before a Valentine’s dinner out.

Oh, and a cute little gift:

firsts 2


The Newlyweds Book of Firsts via Amazon

We love answering question books and the like (truth: we suck at talking about things, so having a format is really helpful), so this was a perfect gift.

And another first–I met some Bees!



Photo courtesy of Mrs. Campfire, taken by our waitress

The Campfires were in town for Valentines Day so we met up for brunch on Saturday along with the Bacons & the Treasures. Shamrock was still tired from trying to get back home (and doesn’t really like larger groups) so I went alone but it was so much fun to meet some bees! Mrs. Panda was supposed to be there as well, but her flight was rescheduled–for Tuesday. :/

And in not-so-nostalgic last, I filed taxes as single for the last time. Actually, Shamrock completed and filed my taxes for me (yesssss)–he finished them a few weeks ago but was waiting on one last form that didn’t come out until February 15.

What did you do for Valentines day? Anyone else have their schedule scrambled by the weather?


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