Having Our Cake

According to those checklists, the time is near to choose our cake. No complaints here.

Our caterer has a preferred bakery for the cake–you go and taste, and the caterer handles everything else. You can select your own baker, but there’s an added charge for that. Although I love to bake, cake seems like a tricky thing to me. My favorite may not be yours, it gets cut into pieces so all that fancy decoration is only around for a short time. The prices at  Reuters Bakery are reasonable, so we’re in.

Next up: Cake or cupcakes? Shamrock thinks cake is not good and cupcakes are delicious. I am not entirely sure why this is. He says his cousin had cupcakes at her wedding and they were amazing and usually the cake isn’t his favorite so therefore cupcakes are always better. Um, ok.

I really want cake though–I never like how the cupcakes are displayed (odd personal preference) and I think cake is yummy. We hope to have a dessert table and we’ll try to work in some cupcakes there, so Shamrock conceded. Cake it will be.

I love the look of multiple cakes, whether on a table or as centerpieces (like Mrs. Lemur and Mrs. Treasure).


Mrs. Campfire’s cakes

I think this is also supposed to be less expensive, although our cake doesn’t sound terribly pricey to me. And along those lines, sheet cake is also supposed to be a cost saver, but I suspect that works more if you have a ton of people or want intricate decoration.

So, we’ll have a regular cake, and it won’t have too fancy decoration, and then we’ll eat it! These are all clean, simple designs that we liked.


Image via Hive Member Taurian Doll via this thread.


Image via Maisie Fantaisie Cakes (London)


Cake 42, via Reuters Bakery

Here’s hoping it’s good! Next up? Finalizing the design and tasting some cake!

Where do you fall on cake v. cupcakes? Multiple cakes? No cake at all?


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