Eating our Cake

Once we knew we wanted to get a cake, it was time to head to  Reuters Bakery for a cake tasting.

These always sound so fun–free cake! Cute bakeries! Good times! Miss Pyramid had cute little trays and built her own cake, and she even got some to take home. So fun! And delicious!

Remember how I said our cake was really reasonably priced? Yeah.

The cake tasting wasn’t quite like that. There were no cute marble tables and silver trays…

When we called ahead for an appointment, they said to come in whenever. So on a snowy Saturday, we did. While we waited for the woman who handles tastings to be available, we flipped through a book of pictures. On a little bench on the side.


Pinterest photos and the binder. All photos personal.

A sweet older woman came over and asked if we were there for cake tasting and then went off to prepare our cake.

And then this happened:


That’s my lap. On a bench. In the bakery. With a bunch of styrofoam cups. Where we tried to assemble our own cake samples, with spoons, without the plate sliding off my lap and on to the floor. At least I had the binder…


But hey, the cake was good! In keeping with my theory that you can’t please everyone, we’re going basic with the cake.We could get different flavors on different tiers, but then I always want the other kind, and its awkward, so we’re going all one kind. Because we’re boring.

Shamrock (and MOH Sis) really dislike chocolate cake, so that was not an option. This leaves us with yellow cake. And vanilla buttercream. Then it was on to fillings. I don’t really want to pay extra for the fillings–I like the basics–so we were down to the free ones. We were against fruit when we walked in, but the raspberry preserves were tasty, so we picked those. Since the cake will be three layers, we can have another filling if we want–probably custard. Right now we’re torn between raspberry/vanilla buttercream, raspberry/vanilla custard and raspberry/raspberry. Which cake would you like best?

Shamrock thinks custard is tasty, and it seems like most other people like it as well, so I think that’s a pretty solid choice, and a little more interesting than more frosting. The catch? I hate custard. But I can eat around it, so I really don’t think it will bother me at all. I know its my wedding cake, but I want everyone else to like it too, and I can just have two half pieces, no custard needed.

And the design will look a lot like 42 above, but with white cake and blue fondant ribbons. We also want to replace the triple dots with single larger dots like our inspiration cake yesterday. Oh, and make it circular. So I guess mostly different.

Did you have unique flavors for your wedding cake or did you go crowd pleasing?


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