Girls in White Dresses with Blue Satin Sashes

Thanks for listening yesterday–I know I will be fine, and I have plenty done. The things I can’t control will work themselves out for me, and for you too. On to more fun things: 

I have a dress, the Clover maids dresses are chosen and ordered, colors are chosen, so it’s on to the cutest member of the wedding party–flower girl time!

The flower girl “symbolizes the bride’s childhood & youth” according to these fine folks, as well as the meaningful contributions of children (and I thought they were just there to look cute!). Shamrock’s niece will be two and a half, which is a little young, but her brother will be our ring bearer (he’ll be almost six) so we think she can handle it. But what should she wear?

flower girl and WG-page-001

Just me in one of my flower girl dresses. Photo credit completely unknown. My parents? Their photographer? I’m the Flower Girl and my sister (who was a little too young at the time) was a Wedding Guest. I was very proud of my Flower-Girl-Hood and my sister was upset so my mother explained to her that she was a Wedding Guest. She spent the whole wedding responding to anyone who said how cute the Flower Girl was that she was a Wedding Guest! (On a related note, we believed for years the ice cream truck was the Music Truck, driving around playing songs to make children happy just to be nice. We believe basically anything our mother tells us apparently.)


I know it’s hard to see here, but this is basically the best dress of all time. It was purple, and satin, and a had a full skirt, and the photographer told us to to twirl for cute pictures and then we could.not.stop all night, even when we almost threw up. Man, I loved that dress. MOH Sis rocking out in the front and me on the back left. (Oh, and I have no idea where this photo is from either–my uncle posted it on Facebook)

ANYhow, enough about me. What will Flower Girl wear?


Satin Empire B1087-WC via GirlsDressLine

Something in white, with a colored sash (we’d probably do blue, just to be all Sound of Music) (or to match the colors)


Tafetta & tulle with Petals via GirlsDressLine

This is probably a little much, but ohmygoodness cute. So white is definitely an option, but we could also put Her Cuteness in a teal or blue option.


Isobella & Chloe dress via Flower Girl Dress for less

So cute, but I think the satin might be a little heavy for our June wedding–this dress looks more wintery to me (is that a thing?).


Sleeveless Taffeta via Pretty Flower Girl

This one is cute & simple. Davids Bridal had options, but they looked to be around $100. I know my dress is a lot for a dress I’ll only wear once, but for a 2 year old?!? Really?!? Luckily, most of the options above are closer to the $50-$75 range. And we don’t want anything that might need to be hemmed, since who knows how tall she’ll be in four months.

Shamrock’s Mom (Flower Girl’s Grandma) was asking who was supposed to pay for the dress (she’s thinking of buying it for her granddaughter, which would be perfect because she LOVES to shop, but wasn’t sure if we were going to). I asked Mama Clover, and every time I was a flower girl someone made my dress. (We were guessing the girl’s family usually buys the dress but since mine were made they paid for them, so now we aren’t sure.)

What is your flower girl wearing? Who’s paying for her dress?


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