Put A Ring On It: Men’s Edition

Shamrock’s homework this past week was rings & tuxes (he was traveling, so he had a lot of free time in a hotel room in the evening). I’m not a ring person, so this is my attempt to help him out with some info. I did the best I could, but I’m no ring expert!

My ring was pretty simple–my engagement ring is platinum from Tiffany, so we just need to choose a simple platinum band from Tiffany to match.

Shamrock does not wear any jewelry, so we were starting from scratch. Men’s rings definitely don’t have as much variety as women’s, but there are still choices. There’s the shape, and the comfort fit, and the inlay, and the metals.

Oh, the metals.


Via Jewelry Secrets, which actually seems to have a lot of good ring info if you’re into that kind of thing.

So what are our options?

PRECIOUS METALS (Fancy? These are the expensive ones. They’re also shinier and less reactive. Thanks Wikipedia.)

Platinum: My ring is platinum, so we’d match. Platinum is very durable (it can scratch, but can be buffed shiny again) but also really expensive.

Palladium: Platinum’s cousin. Lots of similar properties, but lots cheaper. Similar appearance and durability.

Gold (White, rose, yellow): Shiny, can be re-sized. White gold rings are usually rhodium plated and can require re-plating. Can be polished, but you lose a little metal every time. Oh, and its a classic.

CONTEMPORARY METALS (Not…expensive? Also used in buildings?)

Tungsten: Shamrock is terrified of Tungsten. He heard it can’t be cut off, so if something happens to your hand they’ll cut off your finger instead (you guys…he works with computers and networking…is someone going to throw a laptop? Cut off circulation with a cable?). Anyhow that’s apparently a myth. It is very hard, but its also brittle–you can shatter it off (or, you know, drop it and shatter it). It is scratch resistant and very affordable.

Cobalt: Scratch-resistant and very strong, bright white color, can’t be resized. Mr. Bunting got a cobalt ring, and Mrs. Bunting wrote up a great overview of several metal types (its way better than mine).
Black Ceramic: Really light and very modern. Scratch resistant but can chip or break. I think its not super common for rings.
Titanium & Stainless Steel: Very affordable and very scratchable.
So what are we getting? I’m not sure. Mens rings are a lot larger than women’s so his ring would cost more than twice what mine would if we went with platinum. Our next step is to go try on some options, so he can also get an idea for what styles he likes.
What kind of ring did your Mister choose? Anyone else’s fiancee terrified of losing a finger?
Oh, and if you’re looking for more, I also found Mrs. Parasol‘s post to be helpful, as well as e-weddingbands.com.

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