Put a Ring on It: For Her

Friday I talked about choosing Shamrock’s ring. We went to another jeweler and got some more info on different metal types. Summary: Platinum is expensive. Palladium is close. All rings fit differently. We’re both stock sizes. Moving on:

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a very blingy person. Honestly, I wasn’t really invested in the ring and I didn’t see our engagement coming. When we’d been dating about 8 months, Shamrock asked if I wanted to go look at rings–because he wasn’t going to propose anytime soon. He wanted to know what I liked at a time when there was no pressure, so when the time did come, it would be a surprise. So one Sunday we headed over to Tiffany to check out the rings. I’ve never worn a ring at all, so I didn’t even know my size, and I had done no research. I didn’t really want to talk about getting engaged either, so I was happy with his plan to handle it himself. (I was almost engaged before, and he talked it to death, and it was awful, so I was all for never discussing engagement.) 

I just wanted a solitaire, and I didn’t care what size it was (Shamrock spent two afternoons looking at all the sizes and making the associate try them on to determine what was big-enough-but-not-too-big). I didn’t want anything too showy, and I definitely don’t need more diamonds on the band. And for my wedding band, I just want a plain band–but I didn’t know there were so many styles!

I realize I’ve never even shared an actual picture of my ring, and…this still is not it. But it looks basically the same (to me at least). We dropped off my ring upstairs at Tiffany for cleaning, and then went to try on bands while we waited. They gave me a ring that’s the exact same size & style as mine, and since all of these pictures are taken with Shamrock’s phone, I doubt you’ll be able to tell the quality difference. 

I thought that it would be an easy choice, but my engagement ring has a knife edge, so I wasn’t sure if I needed another knife edge to go with it:


Or maybe just a regular rounded edge band (sorry, not up on my ring terms)?


Or even a milgrain band?


I liked that the milgrain had some detail to it, but I think plain is fine too. Round is classic but looks a lot lower than my engagement ring…so maybe I should do knife edge, but then there’s a gap between the two rings (because they both ridge up). Who knew something so simple would be so confusing!

Before we left, I took a picture of all three bands on my finger at once for comparison–and it still didn’t help.


Round, milgrain, knife

I feel like this is a pretty big decision–I’ll be wearing this every single day, so I want to make the right choice. I just wish I knew which one was best! I like the milgrain, but I don’t think its necessary or goes that well with my ring. So I think mostly I’m choosing between round and knife edge, but I can’t figure out which I like more!

Which one would you choose? Which do you think goes best with my ring?

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