Above it all

Our venue doesn’t allow head tables (Shamrock’s first choice), so we’ll either be at a sweetheart table or a regular round (with who?!).

I’m leaning towards a sweetheart table, and I think Shamrock is coming around too.

The sweetheart table goes in the main room in a fireplace nook (its like a room sized nook).


Personal photo

So its definitely pretty, but it doesn’t come decorated. Its a pretty big space, so its going to need something to decorate it a little bit. I mentioned before that our florist is doing only the personal flowers and centerpieces and Mama Clover will do the rest. But this is a pretty big space–we’d need a huge formal arrangement and I’d rather have something more interesting (and hopefully something I could keep and reuse without being all “oh look its for my wedding shrine”).

I love the look of moss-covered letters.


Via Goosie Girl (and there were cute moss-covered balls I found too–hadn’t thought of that!)

And there are so many different pretty wreathes.

ribbon wreath title

This one from Uncommon Designs is so pretty.


Via Jones Design Company, who has bunches of cool wreathes.

There are duct tape wreathes, and poms, and fabric, and…lots. Must stop. Bonus, a wreath would be great reminder of the wedding, without being overly “wedding”.

Since its such a large space, we’ll probably  need something else up there too to fill in those dark edges a bit. I think candles on the tables will be difficult to see, but this could be a great place for some pretty candles & flower arrangements. I have a bunch of mercury glass and I think that would like really pretty to help fill in the corners with some light. Oh, and boxwood. I think those are so pretty.


I’ve been looking every time I go to Home Goods and Marshalls, but their boxwood balls are pretty fake looking. Real is expensive (the preserved kind) but again I love this option for being able to keep it afterwards.

What would you do? Any other ideas?


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