So Many Days Down…

…and 100 to go!

Instead of thinking about what we still have to do (invitations, tuxes and ceremony I’m looking at you), I thought I’d look at what we’ve done so far in the 10.5 months since we got engaged. Here’s the short version:

The Beginning:

Find a venue (that makes it sound so easy), determine the budget, and start the guest list


Image via Cheney Mansion

Once you have a venue and a date, book the church, officiant, caterer, photographer, DJ, hotel block, and florist. Oh, and buy a dress.


Take engagement pictures and plan the honeymoon, book the rehearsal dinner and buy bridesmaids dresses.


Image via Vistaprint / Photo by Caili Helsper

Choose colors, start thinking about stationery, details & decor. Send save the dates and book hotels & limos. Do invitations. Decide you can put other stuff off.


Everything else? We just got here, so thus far nothing. We’ll see how it all turns out!

I’ve tried to do as much as I can as early as possible since we ended up with a pretty long engagement. I procrastinated on some things that did matter and some things that didn’t. I hope to get a lot done this month, so we’ll see how that goes. And if you’re interested in more specifics about how our planning has gone so far (I always like comparing where I’m at), here’s the long version, organized by month:

April, 14 months out:

  • Get engaged
  • Start looking at venues; accomplish very little (but do lots of research…I guess I accomplished spreadsheets?)
  • Buy url (seriously. Shamrock’s in IT.) for wedding website


June, 12 months out:

  • Keep. Researching. Venues. Think you’ve made a decision. Change your mind. Repeat. Make more spreadsheets. Sigh.
  • Choose a venue (gee, that was fun)
  • Choose a date, including determining which year, which season and then which month
  • Book the church
  • Buy a dress


August, 10 months out:

  • Finally book the photographer.
  • Meet with florists.
  • Book caterer.
  • Start thinking about invitations. Begin quest to find correct shape. Fail.
  • Estimate alcohol costs once we find out we can provide our own.


  • Nothing. (Ha!) I did a lot during the summer so I could take a break this month.
  • Took Engagement pictures (they were supposed to be in October but she had a cancellation)


  • Book florist (one of the ones I met the day before school started; he called and said, “You said to call you after October 1st because you weren’t doing anything last month.”)
  • Sketched invitation designs
  • Met with church wedding planner
  • Met with Catholic priest


  • Registered
  • Booked honeymoon flights
  • Made our wedding website

December, 6 months out:


  • Chose Colors
  • Sent Save the Dates
  • Had FOUR snow cold days
  • Sampled some cake
  • Started on some crafting (pomander, place cards & more)
  • Premarital church seminar
  • Booked limos


  • Ordered a whole bunch of stuff: invite supplies, some decor, some gifts
  • Finalized Invitation design!
  • Started to take dance lessons (definitely do not be impressed)
  • Booked hair & makeup


Up next? We’ve got an appointment for Saturday to check out tuxes, and I just scheduled someone for my alterations. Once all of the supplies for my invites arrive I’m ready to go for those. I’ve got my first shower at the end of the month, and we need to work on our ceremony. I have plenty more gifts to buy, and I want to give myself plenty of time so that they’re thoughtful and not last minute (who knows how that will actually go, but good intentions!).  I need some shoes (for the wedding) and some party dresses, but I’m not too stressed about it. I’m just trying to find a cute pair of flats, probably in mint, and I’ve seen enough options so far to know I’ll be fine.

Where are you at? In that “I booked all the major things and now it’s mostly waiting” lull?


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