Today is brought to you by…

The letter M.

M 2

Via Muppet Wikia. From Sesame Street, of course.

So our names both start with M. And Shamrock’s last name starts with M. When I was choosing the font for our address stamp, I was very focused on the M. With 3/4 of our initials using the same letter I wanted to make sure I liked the M (and I found a winner with At Mahogany, if you’re wondering).

I’ve been deciding what to do above the mantel in our dinner space, with a little help. I actually already know one thing I’m going to be using for sure–I won a giveaway on Centsational Girl (?!?! I won!!!!) for a wooden monogram from Southern Nest‘s shop!


In my (winning!) comment, I mentioned this would be so perfect for my wedding–and it will be. This one is likely hers (it looks just like them) and I think its so pretty. It would also be a nice memento without being overtly wedding.


Image via Style Me Pretty/ Photo by Theo Milo Photography

Whether backed with a wreath or something else, or hanging on it’s own I think this would be a really nice touch. So cute. I especially loved the one with a circle around it…but maybe not so much with our initials. (I bought one for our Flower Girl’s wedding present though).

small-circle-script-6-inch-monogram-1 2

Image via Southern Nest

mMm just looks like I got confused. Much as I love that look, I went with a single letter monogram. On the bright side, the M is now very multi-purpose! It covers almost everything. I ordered my M a few weeks ago and it should be here pretty soon. Then I’ll figure out what color to paint it so it stands out against the gray stone, as well as decide if I should put something (like that pretty wreath!) behind it. For the rest, I’m leaning towards lots of mercury glass candleholders to warm the space up, probably the boxwood–as long as it goes with a potential wreath–and a couple vases of hydrangea. Or something–I might change my mind.

Are you monogramming anything for your wedding? Anyone else have a silly-looking monogram? Repeated letters? Unfortunate words?


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