Sleeping in Style

Our ceremony is in downtown Chicago, but our reception is a few miles away in Oak Park.


Map via Weddingmapper

Oak Park is where I grew up, and it’s a lovely town. However, there aren’t a lot of hotel choices. For whatever (terribly dumb) reason, I decided I didn’t need to make a hotel block right away at the only hotel in town. Seriously. ONE. (Ok, technically there are two but I would never ever have anyone stay at the other.) I’m not sure what I was waiting for. The next closest hotel is eight miles away, near the airport or downtown, neither of which is a great choice if people want to be near the reception.

And although I had never been there before, it turns out to actually be a very lovely hotel.


This & all remaining photos courtesy of the Carleton Hotel

So of course by the time I called them, two other brides already had room blocks and they had no more regular rooms. For real. Zero. They have regular rooms, they have deluxe rooms–just not for me. We ended up going to see some rooms, and thought this was a suite (all we have in our block), but it turns out this is just a deluxe room–it was really nice.

deluxe room

They also have an annex, named the Motor Inn, and it has motel style rooms. They’re decent, and reasonable at $99 per night.



Since most of our out of town guests are my family and my parents both live in Oak Park, we guessed that people might want to stay there instead of downtown. We considered getting a hotel block downtown as well, but there are so many hotels (and no reason people all need to stay at the same one) that it seemed pointless. We did give information on general areas on our website for those that want to book on their own though.

Did you have any trouble finding a hotel? Did you do a hotel block?



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