Sleeping On It

You know when something minor gets a little bit out of control? It was never a big deal, but then you mention it, or start thinking about it, and it takes on a life of its own? (Even worse, someone else gets hold of it and it will never.die?)

Yeah, thats how I feel about hotels. Since the rehearsal dinner and ceremony are both downtown, staying downtown the night before the wedding would be very convenient.

My dad mentioned that he could get a good rate on a room through work.

Oh, cool. By the way, which hotels?

Plenty of them. On the Mag Mile even. The two closest to the church…

The Ritz-Carlton is across the street and one block over.

ritz room

Via Ritz-Carlton

The Four Seasons is across the street. A side street even, so super convenient.


Via Four Seasons

Not bad. So my dad passed along the rates, and I said either was good and I’d check with Shamrock. Emailed back to ask about the price of a suite, since it might be nice to get ready in the room and we might need a bit more space.

Which was apparently official engagement in Operation: Find a Hotel, a pressing and all-consuming venture. My dad is not one to take no for an answer. Or later. He once called me 13 times in 90 minutes. On a Tuesday. While I was teaching. (He needed to get into my place.) If I’m not sure if I can make it over for dinner, he just calls daily until I tell him yes (not, “answer him”…”tell him yes.”) And internet research is his favorite.

Once I told him I wanted a suite, he went in to high alert. The Ritz? Too expensive. The Four Seasons too…on to more choices.

So he booked a suite at the Omni. I’ve never stayed in one before, so I headed for Yelp. 4 Stars. Decent corporate hotel. Good location. But the booking says its a 400 sqaure foot room, which doesn’t sound huge, and its five blocks from the church instead of one (what if its raining? Or really really hot?). Further investigation finds that the rooms at the Ritz & Four Seasons are also about 400 square feet, so now I’m confused.

Also, I’m busy.

It was a simple question, meant to be filed away til I felt like figuring it out.

And now it just. won’t. die.

Add to that, part of the reason I wanted a suite is so we could do hair & makeup there if needed. So if we find somewhere downtown to go, it might not matter, but then I have to figure THATĀ  out too. And that doesn’t even get into where we’ll stay the night of the wedding–at the Carleton near our reception or head downtown?

Did you stay in a hotel the night before the wedding? Did you have a regular room or a suite? Can people get ready in a regular room? (There aren’t that many of us.)


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