Timing is Everything

Like so many brides, I’m out of my element when it comes to so many things wedding. Flowers? Hair & makeup? Dresses? Not so much. So we learn as we go. Sometimes, you’ll find something that turns out to be totally your jam, and develop a new interest.

Money is one of the places I really notice my ignorance–I don’t want to spend more than I need, but that doesn’t mean I want to skimp. You either guess, throw money at it or research obsessively (guess which one I am).

But the other place where we can really botch things is with timing. Not knowing about things means we also don’t always know what the timeline to handle them is. With a long engagement, I sometimes have a false sense of security about how much time I have left to get things done, and when I have to do them. I relied on checklists, but they steered me wrong in a couple places (and I made my own mistakes too).

Oops 1: The hotel block

06 2

Carleton Hotel

August, said WeddingWire. October, said the Knot. Ok, said Miss Clover. Not ok. There’s only one convenient hotel for the reception. I waited to book it until the end of July…when two other brides already had. Why did I wait on something I could do right away? Now our guests are choosing between suites and motel rooms. Fail.

Oops 2: Alterations

When I bought my dress exactly a year before the wedding, I knew I had plenty of time. Everything I read (admittedly, not much) said that you start alterations fairly shortly before the wedding (makes sense in case your size changes, which mine definitely will). So a few weeks ago, I called my mom’s recommendation. And she gave up her studio, so she’s no longer taking wedding clients. Great. Called someone else. Schedule already full. Called someone else–she might be able to fit me in. So far it looks like she can; we met last week and she said alterations would start four weeks out. (And honestly, almost none of my alterations are size specific, so I probably could have started this even earlier.) Lesson learned: Book early.

Oops 3: Invitations

I’m starting (much) later than I meant to in that process. Although that isn’t entirely my fault*, this also hits home the start! early! message.

Was there anything you should have started earlier?

*Communicate expectations is the moral of that story–more to come!


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