Bearing Signs

Two of Shamrock’s favorite people are his niece (our Flower Girl) and nephew. Lil’ Shamrock totally adores his uncle (“Oh…did you have to bring her?”) so there’s no way he’d get married without Lil’.

So we for sure have a “ring bearer”…but what should he actually do?

Do they really carry rings? What about signs?

He could carry a book or a bowl or a pillow, but it sounds like that’s usually fake rings, which seems silly to me. (Oh, and I’m not entirely sure he’ll make it all the way down the aisle–it’s a long one and he’s shy.) Anyhow, I love all the cute signs I’ve seen floating around. My friend K is getting married in May, and she has a bunch of little ones in her wedding, so she needs something besides just flowers and rings–so we have a crafting date next week and I need to get prepared!

There are so many possibilities–K started with these, and I did a little more searching too. We’d love to be able to share the same sign, and I think it’s feasible (our bridesmaids dresses are the same color) but our weddings are pretty different. I start at green and then go blue, and we’re having our ceremony in a fancy church. Her green is paired with burlap and yellow and her ceremony is in a barn. But I’m thinking maybe the base can be the same (and maybe use some green) and we would do ribbon or similar in our own accent colors.

This one seems like it could work well, and its pretty neutral–but I don’t think we could do writing that pretty ourselves!


Via Candy Cake Weddings

That writing looks a little closer to something I could do, but it might be too rustic for our wedding.



Photo by Daniel Kim Photography |Bridal Guide

These little girls are taking their job super seriously…maybe a sign like this with green on white, that we could each add our own touch to?


Photo Artisan Events Inc | Bridal Guide

This sign’s adorable if you have multiple cuties who need a job–so it would be great for K, although not for me.


Photo by Onelove Photography | Bridal Guide

Oh, and there’s always this gem:


Via Bridal Guide Photo by Tyree Judd

There are some other cute ones out there, ranging from “Uncle ___ here come’s your girl” to “Just wait til you see her” to “Has anyone seen the rings?”

And on the subject of ringbearing…

I was working on a cute way to ask him to be our _____, but my draft was only “Lil’, will you be our ______ Love Uncle Shamrock & Clover”. I had to explain to Shamrock that I was waiting til I figured out what Lil’ S would do.

I googled “ringbearer” and the first link was actually a redirect to the wikipedia page for page boy! So I suggested that, to which Shamrock replied…

“Oh, like a pool boy.”

“Um, I don’t think weddings have pool boys.”

“But Presbyterians have holy water too [we have a baptismal font in the front of our sanctuary] so he could be like a lifeguard. For the holy water. Pool boy!”

And then he walked away.

Any cute little boys in your wedding? What will they be doing? Bearing rings? Signs? Lifeguarding? Oh, and have you made your own sign? What did you make it out of? Any tips?


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