Visions of Honeymoons

Last summer, Shamrock & I went to Antigua, Guatemala for a week with my church on a mission trip. It was an amazing trip, and we saw so much.


All Personal Photos by Shamrock. Chilling (warming?) in a volcano. On my birthday.

Once we got home, we knew it was time to start thinking about what we wanted to do for our honeymoon. We just had a few small requirements:

  • Somewhere neither of us has been (Shamrock’s travelled a lot, but I’ve only been out of the country three times)
  • Fits with both of our ideas for a great trip

The second one was the hardest. Shamrock’s idea of an awesome vacation involves a beach or a pool, his headphones and a drink. I want to explore somewhere new. I’m also not great at sitting still, burn easily and don’t really drink (I know, totally going to win for most fun girl ever!). So how to balance relaxation with exploration, and not leave one of us feeling like this is not our idea of a good trip?

Oh, and although I clearly like researching things, travel is NOT one of them. I really, really did not want to personally deal with the honeymoon. At all. Like, I barely even wanted to talk about it.


We started with Hawaii, but Shamrock’s been there several times. Next.


We loved Guatemala (above), so maybe Costa Rica. There’s supposed to be lots to do, but also great beaches. I thought this was an excellent idea, but Shamrock was lukewarm.

Picture 167

Photo of Europe. No further details; taken off Shamrock’s computer when he wasn’t home.

Definitely my speed–lots to explore. Shamrock’s been several times, but there are plenty of places he hasn’t been to. We didn’t want to go to the really big-deal cities (Paris & London) because we wanted our honeymoon not to feel completely jam-packed, and we weren’t feeling Italy either. Shamrock’s brother and parents took a trip to Europe a few years ago and really loved Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland. I mentioned it to GM BFF, and he’s been several times. It’s even the background on his phone! We thought exploring Germany would work well too (castles!) and we were ready to get started. And by “get started” I mean call GM BFF’s mom–she’s a travel agent! Shamrock figured out our flights (yay for miles!) and the four of us (BFF & his mom) had lunch to get started.

How did you decide where to go on your honeymoon? Any other non-beach-lovers out there?


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