A Castle to Stay and a Castle to Visit

I just got this email from our travel agent/my BFF’s Mom:

I have a Palace to stay and a Palace to visit
many Castles to view and one for Sleeping 
A BMW showroom  tour and a BMW equipped for the Autobahn
A cruise on the Rhine a steamer on the lakes of Interlaken
and trains to get you to the Eiger, Jungfrau and Monch.

Yep–our honeymoon!

Shamrock booked the flights (using a LOT of miles) back in November, so I already knew the basics of where we were going and when, but there were no details yet. Even though we knew we didn’t want to go on a package tour, that was where we did a ton of research because they give you sets of cities that are feasible and do a nice job highlighting the must-sees. We shared all that with BFF’s mom, and she used that in putting together our itinerary. (Things she did not use: BFF suggesting we just buy a BMW over there to drive and then ship it back home. Um, thank you, BFF, that will be all.)

There were more details below, so Shamrock took out the map she’d given us and this happened:

photo 1

Personal photo

He marked off where we would be, for how long, points of interest, and more.

We’ll be seeing Neuschwanstein on a day trip from Munich:


Image via Neuschwanstein Castle

And then after the Romanic Road (castles!) staying in Sleeping Beauty’s Castle (maybe), and hopefully taking a cruise down the Rhine for a few days (more castles!)


Rhine River| Fodors.com

We’ll wrap up our trip with a few days in Lauterbrunnen in the Swiss Alps–highly recommended by GM Bro and GM BFF–giving us a chance to do some hiking and relax.


Lauterbrunnen Valley| myswitzerland.com

Shamrock’s working with her to figure out the details and I can’t wait–I’ve barely been anywhere so this is going to be amazing.

Where are you headed for your honeymoon?


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