Sticking the vision

Happy March everyone! Today is a big day for my Homeroom–it’s March Madness day!

Our school does brackets and all that (all in the name of college awareness) but we also do a door competition. Each homeroom gets a college and has to decorate their door for that college. It’s a contest and the winner gets a pizza party.

You may have noticed by now that I like a good craft project, and I generally think 511 (my homeroom) has some pretty fun kids, so two years ago when they were freshmen, we were pretty into it. And we won.


PSA: I hope your wedding colors are not maroon if you want to find paper. I could not find maroon paper anywhere. We had to use paint. It was ridiculous.

One girl even did pictures of our Colgate trip–by cutting out pics of a school field trip and gluing them to Colgate pictures!


Personal photo by me, of a photo AO printed off the Colgate website and then pasted a picture of us taken by a stranger onto…

Last year we were the runner up (robbed!), but I bought one ream of paper. The teacher that won spent over $100. I can’t find pictures of last year, but we had UNC, an easy light blue. This years entry will be judged today, and we once again got *#%@!* maroon–Robert Morris University. (Sorry–its really not our best work; they have pretty tough schedules this year.)


I don’t actually do the projects (that would defeat the point!) but I do coordinate the look and make sure we stay on theme–and when we’re talking college decor that means sticking with the colors. Everything we did is the right color, and I spent less than $20 buying them supplies (we’ll be in negotiations again next year over excessive amounts of glitter, which I refuse to buy.)

For our wedding, we have a range of colors, but an easy way to get a cohesive look is to stick closely to your colors. Color ties everything together. The fewer shades you use, the more effortless it is. I’m definitely not recommending you make your wedding look like a Spirit Day event (although that could be pretty cool…) but if you’re trying to look cohesive and coordinated, keeping your colors in line is the way to go (and I realize how ridiculous this advice is from someone who couldn’t even choose colors forever, and isn’t following this advice for her own wedding).

And for next year? We’re already planning.

How many wedding colors do you have? Are you trying to keep to exactly those shades or are you more laidback about it?


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