Building Blocks to the Invitations

So we’re making our own invitations, and I want them to have a little interest–I love making cards, so I really want this one to be special. I settled on embossing our shape on the invites…or so I thought. I was planning on just flat printing the text and then embossing the shape, maybe just on the main card and printing it on the others. I emboss using a Cuttlebug, which I got ages ago. It’s a manual machine that lets you cut shapes (using dies) and emboss (using folders). I do both, but particularly like the look of emboss.

cuttlebugCuttlebug | Amazon

So I started searching for my shape, sketched out a design, and stalled a bit. And realized I probably wasn’t going to find my design. Luckily, Mrs. Panda had posted about her DIY letterpress invitation shortly after I got engaged, and I realized I might be able to get exactly what I wanted to emboss, made just for me (I still wasn’t going to do letterpress or anything crazy though) (are you seeing where this one is going?).

I’m used to embossing using folders, but the custom plates Mrs. Panda talked about were adhesive backed–you needed to put them in a platform. Although there were some instructions on DIYing a platform, to press it a bunch of times it looked like buying one pre-made (and a little sturdier) would be the smarter way to go. So I asked for the L Letterpress platform my birthday last summer, decided I didn’t need it after all, and then ended up getting it for Christmas. (On the price: Mrs. Panda got hers at Hobby Lobby with a coupon, paying around $40. I got mine from Amazon, and it was probably closer to $60. It’s out of stock right now, but listed at over $80.)

So now I was ready to emboss my shape. With a letterpress platform. And really, how much more work can it be to add some color to the shape? If I was going to press it anyhow? That would be nice…


L Letterpress Ink Colors via DIY Bride

And the teal green would go nicely with our colors. So I bought the supplies Mrs. Panda recommended, started looking into the plate and the paper and thought about how I would print them. Fancy printer at Shamrock’s office? Our printer? My parents? But you know, if I’m going to press the shape…

Yep, I’m letterpressing the whole thing. And it isn’t even because I looooove letterpress (although its certainly nice) or wanted to save money. I’m doing it because I wanted my shape and one thing led to another (and, I’m ridiculous). Mrs. Panda has been awesome about helping me out (and so has Mrs. Campfire, but we’ll save that story for another time) and it wasn’t bad at all.

Anyone else have a project get completely out of hand?


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