Showered with Style

Two weeks ago, my lovely bridesmaids threw a shower for me–MOH Sis’ first one (she’s never even been to a shower, let alone planned one. She joined Pinterest just for the occasion.) BM Mathlete hosted–she and her husband love entertaining and she did a beautiful job.

Mary Bridal Shower 38 03.29.14

BM Blondie, MOH Sis, Miss Clover, BM Mathlete: All photos by BM Mathlete

There was delicious food–yogurt parfaits, quiche and salad.


And the cake matched perfectly (Sweet Mandy B’s–yum!)–she actually used a bunch of screenshots from my blog for the design and it was perfect! As well as crazy delicious.


MOH Sis printed photos and calendar pages with hearts on the dates we met, got engaged, moved in, etc. The rest of the decor was in shades of blue and green and included pictures of me for the “Guess the Bride’s Age” game. (Everyone failed. It was pretty funny. Most people only got one right, but MC got 4. And several people commented that I didn’t have an awkward phase–not true, MOH Sis was just very flattering in her photo choices!)

Mary Bridal Shower 5 03.29.14

It was so sweet that my friends made time to come out and shower me–one of my friends works for the CTA and had a very rough week (yeah, it was that week), MOH Sis flew in and Crafty drove down from Milwaukee. Crafty and I lived together for three years, so of course she had to get me the waffle maker I’ve wanted for years, and BM Mathlete got me the much-coveted glass plates (I’m basically a grown up now!)

Mary Bridal Shower 2 03.29.14

We also played Wedding Mad Libs (from Something Turquoise) although we used only the rehearsal dinner story; using a couple would have been even more fun. Shamrock came at the end to say hello (and get a slice of cake) and drop off my thank you gifts to my girls.

Mary Bridal Shower 40 03.29.14

I way overthought what to get them, ending up between an umbrella (for showers!) and shower stuff (still for, you know, showers–get it?). I went with the shower stuff but did the bags with umbrellas and it turned out adorable. It was a perfect shower and my friends were so sweet to think of all those cute touches! They even pre-addressed and stamped the thank you notes! (I did the same for BM Mathlete when I helped host her baby shower and it is even more helpful than I thought it would be!)

Mary Bridal Shower 26 03.29.14

What was your favorite part of your shower? Can anyone guess how old you are?


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