A Most Eventful Week

I vanished there for a bit–sorry about that! My invitation reveal is coming up this week, but I have lots to tell you about first.

But first…I realized after I posted my shower recap, I forgot one of the cutest parts–MOH Sis spent hours on Pinterest, determining that Mason Jars are popular (remember, she joined Pinterest just for my shower, so this was big news for her!) So for the shower favor, she made…

Mary Bridal Shower 23 03.29.14

Photo by BM Mathlete

Pancake mix! (And those are some fun custom color m&ms on top–remember our wedding is brought to you by the letter M) Pancakes are totally my thing. I make my own mix, and I’ve dragged many a friend over too early on a Saturday to eat pancakes with me. Crafty and I ate them every Saturday in college. They’re just my thing, and most of my shower guests have had my pancakes, so I thought this was the cutest, most appropriate favor.

Last week was my spring break, and we went to San Francisco to visit MOH Sis for a few days, followed by vacationing on our own in San Francisco.


All photos personal: Biking across the Golden Gate, touring Alcatraz, hanging on for dear life on a cable car

We caught up on stuff around the house once we got back, and even made some major decisions. But I’m not quite ready to get into that yet.

And if we haven’t had enough going one…today is our one year engageversary (I recognize this is totally not a thing, but we got engaged on our one year anniversary) so we’re going out to dinner at Nomi, where we went the night we got engaged. That also means we’re exactly two months out–things are getting real!

Go anywhere fun for spring break?


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