Gettin’ Pretty

I am not a hair and makeup girl. I read Miss Pyramid‘s and Miss Filly’s hair and makeup posts and I wish I could be that together.

I have very straight hair, which I wash before I go to bed, and then I wake up and its dry. It looks pretty much the same blown dry (something I’ve never personally done, although of course I’ve had it cut and dried before). My hair is fine so I don’t wear it up, and nothing much happens with it. I wear pretty minimal makeup, and I always skip those articles in magazines. I’m just not that into it.


I like something like this via Bridal Guide.

Which makes it all the more important I have a plan for my wedding day. MOH Sis insists I get my hair & makeup done, and that sounds easier than doing it myself. So, I’m in. I need to get my hair did.

Now what? (And might I add, where?)

Searches on the boards and Weddingwire yielded plenty of options, at all kinds of price points. And, as with so many other things wedding, I had no idea what to expect. I don’t need a really high end look, and I’m not likely to be very particular about it, so what’s a reasonable price for regular old? (This is the part I seriously hate–I feel like I end up spending forever researching, just so I know enough to figure out what’s “reasonable” so I don’t overpay or get someone so cheap they don’t know what they’re doing.)

We plan on spending the night downtown before the wedding, so we’re convenient to the church. So my choices are to have someone come to my hotel room (So convenient! But the room gets messy and you probably need a suite so you aren’t on top of each other–although I think we’ll get a suite anyhow) or to go somewhere (is this less fun?). I’m guessing going to a nearby salon is less expensive, but you probably run a greater risk of getting someone random.

I need my own hair & makeup, plus four  (3 bridesmaids and Mama Clover) for some additional services–I think almost everyone plans to do both hair & makeup.

Prices seemed to vary a lot, and it was tough to compare because the combinations offered were so different. I found Total Image Bridal – Hair & Makeup for 5 is $700. At Appease  it $160 for the bride for both, others $65 each/$125 both (Mom would be $10 cheaper). Sharon Daniel was $115 hair + $65/80 makeup Bride, and $75 Bridesmaid/Mom hair. I also glanced at Sonia Roselli, Dana DeGuilio ($300 for me, $65 for hair or makeup per girl) and Crizen Hasegawa ($650 for hair & makeup for me, trial and hair only for just the maids), but I don’t think I care that much!

I also checked out my usual salon, Noel Rose, but they’re on the North Side and I’d like to be convenient to the church.


Personal Photo

This is a benefit in 2013, and I’d just gotten my hair cut. Then I waited more than a year to cut it again, and finally got it cut after this year’s benefit (this was the best picture I could find of how my hair looks now).


I like to pretend I’m growing it out for the wedding but I actually just keep forgetting to get it cut and it grows verrrrry slowly.

There’s a salon I can’t find the name of downstairs in Water Tower Place, and Mario Tricocci in the basement of the 900 N Michigan mall. (For both of these “going somewhere” means no more than a two block walk–I wasn’t considering anywhere we’d actually need to get to.)

And then my Dad’s wife sent me a text: “I did some wedding planning for you hope you’re not mad email coming soon but we can cancel it all if you don’t like it.” She set me up with an appointment at Mario Tricocci, figured out two plans for makeup, and was ready to book the hotel room. I decided I could stress over it and keep researching or own the fact that I said it wasn’t important to me.

So I did. I told her thank you very much, got in touch with the bridal coordinator to book the rest of the appointments, and I’m done. Well, until I actually need to come up with pictures of what I want my hair and makeup to look like. Anyone want to pick those for me?

Where did you get your hair & makeup done? Anyone else totally uninterested in what they look like?


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